Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer


This poster pulses with an appeal so broad the typical restraints of our societies fall by the wayside.
Just my take but I don't think that was as spoilery as some people are thinking. I bet a lot of that was typical trailer fuckery.
Looks cool but increasingly the space battles in these modern Star Wars movies are losing my interest. Can't really judge from the trailer, but wasn't a fan of them in 7 or Rogue One.
I really wish their updates of Imperial designs for the First Order weren't "I dunno, doesn't look evil enough."

This is the faction that basically pioneered Space Nazis, and yet they've decided things were too subtle the first go-round.
How spoilery does it seem? Seeing people warn others not to watch it because it has a "couple big spoilers" and now I'm hesitant to watch..
I don't buy how overt these spoilers seem to be, as I think there's more misdirection than people might assume (I hope...).

Avoid it if you're really scared though.