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Starbase - Mass Hysteria, Development Pause, Devs Sent Home + Much More

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Looks like Frozenbyte is having some issues with Starbase.

Starbase developers Frozenbyte release weekly progress reports via their forum (link below), I condense it down to a quick video so it's easily accessible, I add interesting quotes from Frozenbyte CEO Lauri, other devs, and feature community videos.

Hello all Starbase players old and new. Today we announce a large update that we plan to release in the next week or so. We are pushing out a good deal of features, in-world changes, as well as economy and balancing changes. These are features and changes that we had originally planned to add to the live server later together with Station Siege.

The reason for this rather sudden major update is that Starbase’s sales performance hasn't been the strongest, and thus we need to prioritize other projects for some time in the interest of ensuring the game’s continued development and long-term future. Starbase’s server costs are low so they aren't in any danger, but its development will be slowed down and updates will be less frequent for some time. While this is not ideal, we're looking forward to returning to development as soon as possible, reinvigorated and ready to make Starbase the game we all want it to be.

Our goals for the upcoming update are:

- Reducing AFK time (flying, crafting) and making the current "populated universe" easier to move around in
- Making the universe more lucrative but also more dangerous
- Providing a reasonable amount of new gameplay to everyone

Here's a summary of features you can expect on Live soon:

- Moon Mining & Bases
- Capital Ships
- Heat mechanics
- Hangar halls (SSC/Repair hall) to player stations and capital ships
- Blueprint update
- Alloy furnace
- Recycler tool
- Speedometer, gyroscope for ships
- New tripods(plasma, rail, laser)
- Rail cannons, premium FCU, tier 2+3 enhancers, and professional yolol chips are now obtainable

Universe Changes:

- A lot more large asteroids everywhere
- New dev stations (Robur & Farbelt Outpost)
- New fast travel connection

Balancing & Features

- Research tree & crafting balancing
- Fast travel core requirement removed from using the Fast travel gates, gate speed increased
- Some weapon/device cost balancing

We hope you'll enjoy these little changes coming soon to the Starbase universe. The full changelog will be published along with the update. Sieges can continue be tested on the PTU side as before, and serve as a prelude of things to come to the live side later on.


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I love the player character designs but it just sadly fell to the wayside with other similair games like space engineers already out and played regularly with already established communities. Sadly it was just too late to the genre.
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