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Game Dev Starbreeze Trademarks 'PAYDAY: Crime War' Ahead of the Game's 2022 Relaunch


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

As a recent trademark registration has shown, mobile spin-off Payday: Crime War is also set to return soon.

The trademark for Payday: Crime War was filed by New Starbreeze Publishing AB mid-2021 in Sweden, adding to recent reporting that the mobile game's development had been resumed. In April, earlier this year, Starbreeze confirmed that it was working with mobile game developer PopReach to get Payday: Crime War made. PopReach, the developer of War of Nations and Smurfs' Village, then confirmed in July that it planned to soft launch Payday: Crime War. PopReach has notably made no announcements since.

For those unfamiliar, Payday: Crime War is not a new game. The mobile game was originally soft-launched back in 2019 as part of a partnership between Starbreeze and NBC Universal. However, the game shut down its servers in December 2019 when NBC Universal shut down its publishing operations. Starbreeze was left with a game near completion but no publisher. The new partnership effectively hands Payday: Crime War as it currently exists to PopReach, who will take care of all development, publishing, and post-launch operations going forward.



Oct 3, 2019
Fuck these lazy devs, they let glitchers and cheaters run rampant on their games and are too busy making dlc to fix the base game.