Starhawk Leaked Screenshots [Grainy Video]


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Cool, I don't mind they copied the Warthog, it's just an incredibly fun vehicle and it deserves to be in more games.


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The clouds look 'skybox' quality - if they're actually volumetric clouds you can fly through, then :) :) :)

(If not - wtf, flying through clouds was so awesome in Warhawk. I assume you can though, but they look like a HUGE improvement technically over Warhawk's so I kind of wonder...)
Dunno what to think of these screenshots, but it looks like some kind of Red Faction bastard. Wanna see it in motion first. Anyway, did someone manage to save the IGN Dev Diary video?
Suzzopher said:
So the "not what you expected" was, the game isn't set in space?
I don't know. I expected alien worlds so it looks to me I was right. Just being in space would mean only spaceships and that's not the whole Warhawk experience.

And boy do I hope I am right about the mechs transforming into planes. That would be the most awesome thing ever.
I'm liking the less goofy on foot stuff. But all that matters is if I can climb at crazy speed and get inside those clouds in the background.

Not loving that it seems they went with this popular "look" or color palette. The first one had its own visual style that I really enjoyed.
GeoramA said:
Only the ground pics leaked? Lame.
I'm starting to think there won't be any space battles... and that Starhawk is just Warhawk on several planets between different species (which would explain the bright desert-like environment shown in the dev diary).
I'm looking forward to big spacescape skyboxes. I love huge planets and moons and nebulae and shit.

I don't know what to think yet. These shots barely show anything. I need to see the air game.