Starlight Inception (PC/Vita) Kickstarter project [Ended, $158K funded]

Thanks to Pylon_Trooper for this... taken from the Vita advice thread:

Pylon_Trooper said:
It might have already been posted, but we have a responsibility now...

Bugger all Kickstarter projects prior. Portable space dog fighter?! Yes. Yes indeed.
and from the write-up...

The game takes place in the distance future where World War IV has broken out. Yes World War IV. The title might help you guess that the game takes place in space where you control a pilot of a ship in one of the giant battles. The game is being developed by Garry Gaber. If you don’t know who that is, he was the project lead on Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns. So you know he knows a thing or too about space.

“I’m really passionate about the space combat genre and am very excited to be putting together a game that is the natural descendant of beloved titles like Wing Commander and X-wing vs. TIE Fighter, but with a modern spin,” said Garry Gaber, the President and Chief Creative Officer of Escape Hatch Entertainment. “We have a robust storyline, and different single player and multiplayer modes to keep players excited and enthralled.”
Think of it.

4-8 small starfighters, attacking giant capital ships, screaming at each other over the party chat 'cause I Can't Shake Him or he's Impacted On The Surface....

Just a Kickstarter idea for now but I think I'm pretty interested. It's been so long since we had a good console space dogfighter. I pine for a Colony Wars update. Until that happens...
I'll check it for sure. I hope they have the game as one of the rewards for a pledge on Kickstarter right from the start tier.
Or just play Free Allegiance on your PC, modern or ancient alike.

It's been called Team Fortress in space but it's generally more strategic, and iirc 64 or more players are possible.
An old grizzled fan of Allegiance. Nothing else quite compares.

But to have a pocket dogfighter is a luxury I'd like to experience. Especially one with a physical control scheme as well as touch interface.
I just think, with the Vita's actually-working party chat, this could be really fun in a portable format. And the pedigree is there.
Maybe I'm missing something but what pedigree is there exactly? From what I can tell guy hasn't actually developed any space fighters before.
Makes sense.
This thread, by the way, made me rage hard once again for the cancellation of this Futuremark Games' space simulator.
I was sadly late to the Shattered Horizon party (due to hardware), but by God, did I have the best time with the few remaining hardened drunkards who were taking their debauchery to daybreak. To have had an actual space sim by the folks behind such glory...

...well, let us not weep over what could have been.
As we are talking of other Space Fighters do any of you guys still play Black Prophecy? I think I'll give it a go again to check if I can have lagless games going on.
Maybe I'm missing something but what pedigree is there exactly? From what I can tell guy hasn't actually developed any space fighters before.
I was referring to Gary Gaber (Star Wars Battlegrounds games), poorly worded on my part I admit, but that bodes well for multiplayer dynamics, IMO.
Maybe restructure and rename this thread so it reflects the Kickstarter? Also mention the PC version to bring in the masses, it's not going to get big support with only Vita folk.


Licorice-flavoured booze?
So is this the official kickstarter thread for this game now then?, I have proper thread ready to hit submit with correct title and op, or should I wait and see if this gets updated?
Vita and PC? Interesting combo choice! I'm for this type of game and have both platforms so I might have to partake in this kickstarter!
I know I'll sound like a hermit for saying it, but I'd take FreeSpace over this any day. Just give me the cockpit-based command gameplay and leave the RTS out of it.