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State of Play returns next Wednesday


Where are these 'insiders' with their fake leak lists? The State of Play is tomorrow and I didn't find any of these lists.
Oh Great. More Deathloop marketing....

Jokes aside, keeping expectations low for new 3rd party announcements.
Be careful for what you wish for, they could place a Deathloop DLC XD

my personal leak

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Here is what I expect will be shown:

Call of duty: Vanguard
Spider-Man DLC for Avengers
Little Devil inside
GTA trilogy
Elden Ring
A Resident Evil announcement


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It's time for a PC/PS5 exclusive multiplayer coop game. Hopefully better than that Predator game we got
Well, we could be seeing Helldivers 2, considering their tweet + that Nvidia leak.

OT: with Little Devil Inside confirmed for the show, now I must watch it!

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I'll lock my prediction in. it ends with a trailer for RE8 dlc starring Ada.
Hope to see FF16 but I would imagine they would save that big gun for the Playstation experiance (that's still happening, right?) in december.
Don't think they would trot it out during a state of play, but here's to hoping I'm wrong on that one.


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I don’t believe anything exciting will be announced, but I’ll watch it anyway because Little Devil Inside looks interesting.
I said it in another thread, but I donated to Little Devil Inside back in 2015.

At this point I just want Jesus to tell me if its real or not :messenger_grinning:

On a serious note im looking forward to this show today. Its a good time for games and everything feels like its moving full speed again


New bet:
-GTAV/Online PS5 or Trilogy
-CoD Vanguard / Battlefield 2042
-Little Devil Inside
-Solar Ash
-Helldivers 2


I don't think they will mention GTA Trilogy as Microsoft got dibs on San Andres for Gamepass.

I think it will be another GTA5 Enhanced Edition Trailer.
Helldivers 2
COD Vanguard
Ghostwire Tokyo
Hogwarts Legacy

One big new megaton 3rd party multiplatform game announcement Bioshock 3, Dragons Dogma 2 etc.
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