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Oct 24, 2012
Small hint, if you want feedback on non-Steam indies, the monthly Indie thread is probably the better place to ask:

The sea will claim everything gets a clear recommendation from me, we had lots of impressions during the april thread or something. Quote: "It seems like a game made by a 5 year old who read Nietzsche". Very clever, smart, funny and playful adventure game. If you want to buy it, prepare for LOTS of interesting/funny and smart item descriptions and flavour text. I can totally see how you'd need to be in the mood for this kind of game.

Also, there is a smaller free game by the same dev which is similar, just on a way smaller scale:

If you like that, but think its not fully realized and needs more of everything, TSWCE is something for you.
Sounds great, thanks for your impressions. I wasn't looking for feedback though (as mentioned, I've already bought both games), this post is an attempt to bring these games to attention of the broader SteamGAF audience.
Apr 26, 2009
Deathtrap Dungeon now on steam:
Anybody play this before?
Oh wow, the memories...
Everyone is always talking about the Daikatana ad, but I remember this ad having a gamer chained up with a dominatrix with a whip standing over him.
The game itself was kinda... uneven.
Suffers from the classic early 3D camera and graphics problems, but I had fun with it back then... I think.
Jun 11, 2012
Almost forgot...

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Sep 28, 2010
Just arrived home and saw that there's only two hours left from the Humble Weekly. Hoping for that bundle with GoT and Sherlock games but I won't be getting for now and much less will get it with the BTA price.

But I could be wrong it may not be that bundle, also.
Dec 6, 2008
It's really nice seeing Agarest continually being in the top 20 seller's list ever since it was available for pre-purchase. I hope the actual numbers look as good as it does on the surface.
Mar 14, 2010
It's really nice seeing Agarest continually being in the top 20 seller's list ever since it was available for pre-purchase. I hope the actual numbers look as good as it does on the surface.
Yeah, I was just reading the Steam forum thread about that because my blood pressure was too low. Boiling nicely now.
Oct 20, 2011
I'd get Agarest but all the creepy ass loli shit seems like it'd just weird me out too much.

Too bad, as I like SRPGs.
It's really really not much of an SRPG tbh so you're not missing much, if you're expecting something like FF Tactics or Tactics Ogre you'll be disappointed. If you're happy with fighting the same enemies on a nice flat grid over and over and having to bum rush bosses with all your characters simultaneously to have a hope of winning you might get something out of it. I'm all for more jrpgs on PC but imo, it's low to mid rung stuff at best.
Dec 17, 2007
XSEED apparently has a non-Falcom game they'll announce for Steam sometime this year probably:


MAC: Anything else you'd like to share with readers? Or even tease?

KB: Well, we’ve been wanting to announce another non-Falcom title for Steam for a while now and this month would have been the perfect opportunity, but unfortunately it looks like it’s going to slip out a while so you’ll have to wait until closer to the end of the year for that announcement.
Only thoughts I could have is something Corpse Party related if he's referring to October.
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