STEAM | April 2017 - Fly me to the Moon

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am i the only one not keeping my hopes up still about bayo. Sega hasn't really done anything for steam lately so....

I am optimistically cautious. :")
Let's say that if it's not a Bayonetta port for PC, SEGA basically brings the final answer about their commitment to PC ports.
Gonna ask again.

DMC4SE deluxe or GGXrdRev deluxe?
Dmc4se is the final version of the game.
A definitive version.

About GG, there will be another 2 versions (at least) for the game, if ArcSys will follow the same pattern used for GG X and BlazBlue.

My rule is "buy an ArcSys fighter only after 3/4 revisions and at the lowest possible price".
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