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gave away the keys to the kingdom.
I need a clarification on the Family Sharing, I can't really understand this the way it's written on the the steam site. :\

I want to share my library with a friend of mine, I just want him to be able to access my library, I don't care about his.

He just needs to login with my account on his PC and authorize it, right? Or do I need to log in with his in my PC too?
The former. Steam -> Settings -> Family -> tick "Authorise Library Sharing on this computer" and his account name. As far as game access is concerned, he can't load up anything while you're in-game, but you can load up something while he's in-game and he'll be given a few minutes to finish up before being booted out. If you're in Offline Mode, then that doesn't apply, however keep in mind that shared libraries are inaccessible in OM, so you're the one who has to be offline if you both want to play something.

I'm hoping Valve allows concurrent library access at some point. Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky with the upcoming client overhaul.
If anyone was a fan of the Freeman's Mind series (where Gordon Freeman is voiced and the whole of HL1 is played out) -

Freeman's Mind 2: Episode 1 is here - and it seems to be a double bluff for April fools, as it appears to be the real deal kicking off HL2.
Ross does some fun video reviews from time to time
I like that he feviews obacure games too
His latest vid is about Maabus, and has a cool Canadian general commenting on your progress thru the game

Y'all should give hiw game dungeon videos a watch
Man, Hollow Knight is really badly optimized and it seems the game gets buggier and has more framedrops and hitching the more completion I have. I don't remember the game playing like this in my first 20 hours. The
False Champion
boss fight especially made my fps go from 60 to the mid 20s for half a second frequently making it really hard to finish it. I hope they do some major optimization patches to the game so I can get back to it and finish all the stuff needed for the
end. Really nice game though, enjoyed every hour in the 30 hours I spent with it.
just got to the
forest after getting fast travel, how far from point of no return
You know, there isn't much point in spoilering something when you don't even mention what the spoiler is about. (It's about Nier, btw)
But as for your question: it's
after the forest
Cart Life is really "Out There Omega Edition". Weird.

I thoroughly enjoyed Vertical Drop Heroes & Out There.

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Guys stop, the Bayo site that is reached through a Steam achievement is obviously a tease for an Amiibo or Switch port, nothing Steam related jeez.
I know
But just get hype regardless because why the fuck not? Not like you people havent been doing crazy shit in previous steam threads
wow.. amazed danmaku unlimited is so low.
Well, there are a lot of big shmups today, compared to the time of Danmaku 2 release... And many of this shmups are on sale this weekend (especially Degica ones).

I think bundles and price cut will help the game in the next months, don't worry.
And it's a shame because it's the best Shmup released this year. Especially when it comes to original releases. I bought the game and the soundtrack.

Another bad thing is it has one of the best soundtracks this year and it won't even be mentioned on any lists ever. It's a damn shame.
And it's a shame because it's the best Shmup released this year. Especially when it comes to original releases. I bought the game and the soundtrack.

Another bad thing is it has one of the best soundtracks this year and it won't even be mentioned on any lists ever. It's a damn shame.
I replayed danmaku 2 but the difficulty spikemade me weary about getting 3 :x
Shit, what was listed as Bad Rats in an earlier giveaway was really Mass Effect Trilogy for Origin. Rockin' Roger, you do April Fools right.
That wasn't me, that was ModBot, I listed everything as a mystery game. My April Fools prank was the one Hollow Knight key hidden in a bunch of GMG mystery box keys.

Data West

coaches in the WNBA
I will never understand why Steam doesn't do a better job of spotlighting and highlighting their community workshop games instead of burying them behind community behind the game page then behind the workshop tab

would it be so bad to stick on your library a small rectangle screenshots with text saying 'here's what 's popular in the workshop right now' for games with workshop support
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