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Steam Deck preorders taking deposits Friday, 72 hours to confirm


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Source: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1675180/view/3113680526234449023

Hi all, Steam Deck launches in just two days! Thought we would send along some details for what you can expect on Friday, February 25th:

Starting at 10am Pacific, we'll be sending emails out to the first batch of reservation holders via the address tied to their Steam account. Those folks will then have 72 hours to complete their purchase on Steam for the specific model they reserved. If they cancel or do not purchase in this time frame, we'll release their reservation to the next person in the queue.

Around the same time is when you'll start seeing coverage from the roughly 100 media outlets we sent early review units to, so there will be a ton of interesting content and coverage for everyone to check out.

We are also looking forward to getting the official Dock for Steam Deck into customers' hands. It won't be happening as early as we wanted, but we're excited to talk more about it soon and are planning to make them available in late spring.


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Hope that mine's in the first batch, pre-ordered within 5 seconds of it going live.


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Ok Tom Brady.

Will be a prettY long wait for me but thats ok. Let the early adopters deal with he bugs and potential hardware quirks. 😛
Damn you're so cool! I'm going to feel like such an idiot playing mine in this first wave. I wish I was a Chad "wait until much later to check out the new hardware kinda gamer" like you.
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