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- bobnowhere
Part Rebel Galaxy, part FTL and part Sunless Sea. Set in a retro-futuristic world where there has been a massive flood and humanity is trapped underwater, you are a brave submarine captain looking for adventure. It's up to you how you upgrade your sub and what crew you hire as you go about making your fortune and discovering the secrets of a long forgotten past.

911 Operator
- KenOD
911 Operator . A puzzle simulation of working as an emergency dispatch for police, fire department, and medical. Though based on real world examples of calls, and at times it can prove a challenge for some to juggle multiple emergencies at once, it's a mostly casual title that often gives plenty of time to figure out and hopefully figure out how to best help someone.

Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book
- Durante
The first Atelier game to arrive on Steam, and the first Gust game as well. Atelier is a very unique series of JRPGs which focuses more on telling the non-linear slice-of-life surrounding a cast of characters than a single epic "save the world"-style story arc.
Additionally, rather than only relying on its turn-based battle system as the only significant gameplay component, there's also a very in-depth and fleshed out alchemy system. Unlike the "crafting" aspects in many games, this system features significant player agency, decision making and skill, and is strongly interconnected with everything else you do in the game.
And to top things off you get some of the nicest anime-style character models and rendering in anything, great music and dual voice tracks.

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Pm me a recommendation, make sure you request first as someone else might have reserved it.
MODBOT has been linked.

Pm me a recommendation, make sure you request first as someone else might have reserved it.
Pm me a recommendation, make sure you request first as someone else might have reserved it.
Pm me a recommendation, make sure you request first as someone else might have reserved it.
Lately, people often say that this is the worst timeline.

But who can honestly claim that when you have Atelier in a Steam thread header?
Lately, people often say that this is the worst timeline.

But who can honestly claim that when you have Atelier in a Steam thread header?
Hopefully we'll get enough time to play the game before:

We all know Bannon's just itching to drop these babies someplace nice.
gUYS i'M drunk. I know I shouldn't be thinking like this. But damn it feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good to constantly beat PlayStation gamers on SFV when I'm on PC. Because we have no skills.
That was fast. So, this is my monthly highlight:

and the monthly repost of the rest of my wish-list:

and finally games without a store page yet:

PC Gaming Threads has been update recently, please give a shout if you think a thread should be on this list:

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Where did January go? It passed by, and I didn't play so much as a single game. Not a moment of gaming. I have lived only vicariously through you, SteamGAF.

As such, and according to the rules, I will relinquish my NeoGAF Gold status - those in the queue please note that a spot will be opening up shortly.
Project CARS's price really collapsed huh, remember it used to raise its base price during sales?
Lately, people often say that this is the worst timeline.

But who can honestly claim that when you have Atelier in a Steam thread header?
Refugees being sent back to active war zones? Yeah I'm fun.
From the previous thread...

ModBot said:
Instructions for participants:
I am giving away 13 Steam keys. To enter this giveaway, send a PM to ModBot with any subject line. In the body, copy and paste the entire line from the message below that corresponds to the game you want. (if you include more than one game, you will be blocked from entering). Confused? Watch this GIF tutorial or ask for help.
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Rules for this Giveaway:
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- This giveaway is a raffle. The winners will be selected by random draw 24 hours after the draw was created. Any games not claimed after that point will be given away first come first serve.

PAYDAY 2 -- MB-BC2B3F67D4EFBCE1 - Taken by Professor Lexicovermis. 6 entrants total.
Another Perspective -- MB-4DEAA6561BCAAA6F - Taken by purseowner. 6 entrants total.
Broken Age -- MB-D325247275FE89F0 - Taken by AngmarsKing701. 1 entrants total.
Killing Floor -- MB-84F930C0FE762AFA - Taken by Battlechili1. 1 entrants total.
Lumino City -- MB-981872F6822F7B59 - Taken by Axass. 2 entrants total.
Nidhogg -- MB-733B5BC347A49119 - Taken by Endruen. 11 entrants total.
Outlast -- MB-315A81E14385E486 - Taken by sid2vicious. 2 entrants total.
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball -- MB-608A912884318097 - Taken by fspm. 2 entrants total.
Ronin -- MB-C4A736A175D8B72D - Taken by omg_mjd. 4 entrants total.
Shadowrun Returns -- MB-08A95EC4CD326F44 - Taken by Orgen. 4 entrants total.
Snakebird -- MB-1D0057148A835BA3 - Taken by KainXVIII. 3 entrants total.
Titan Souls -- MB-60228C540F459428 - Taken by OneUh8. 12 entrants total.
Volume -- MB-13FC19ADCE82A079 - Taken by PaulSane. 6 entrants total.



irresponsible vagina leak
I want Atelier and Nights of Azure combo but ehh no money anytime soon so they will stay in the wishlist for a bit. If nothing interesting releases by the time I get some coins I may actually buy em.
I'm pretty early to this thread for once, not even one full page at the time i started writing this.
This new thread also means that there is only one week left until we get our first Gust games on steam, i've been waiting far too long for this moment, i can handle one more week i hope :p

Buy Tales of Berseria.
I second this. If this game came out in 2016, it would definitely make it into my top-5 list. As it stands, it's the second strong contender for my 2017 list.
I aim to finish 3 games this month.
Which ones? I'm trying to beat at least 3 Steam games but I don't know if Xenoblade Chronicles will let me accomplish my objective (I returned to the game 3 years later and I didn't remember anything about how to play the game even having a 130h playtime save... :3)
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