Steam Holiday Sale 2011 | Valve Has Run Out Of 3rd Party Coupons/Games (Dec 19-Jan 2)

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Oct 7, 2010

It's that time of year again! For anyone clueless on what is going on its Steam's annual mega sale in which almost everything
is on sale! It's a great way to stock on games you have not played and great for newcomers to stock up on some fantastic
PC games! The sale lasts from 19th December -2nd January. Remember! wait for the daily deals!!!
Also a list of all steam games on sale by price high to low or low to high


Publisher pack deals offers a whole set of games for a massively discounted prices, please note you do not get extra
copies of games you have already bought (HL2 and HL2EP1 are exempt from this rule.)

If you cannot see any new inventory items, launch TF2 and move around some items in your backpack.
ALSO - achievements you have already unlocked will take some time to show up on your steam gift pile, be patient!

So this Christmas you will have daily achievements which will get you prizes. These prizes can be found in your inventory.
The prizes can either be:

  • A lump of coal. can be used to craft a gift ( 7 required to make 1 gift) or you can save it for the epic holiday giveaway
  • A vocuher coupon. (can only be used after the sale, (unless it's a golden ticket)
  • A game. these can range from Half Life 2 to Skyrim

  • You can complete achievements before they are give out as daily achievements
  • Achievements are throughout the whole holiday sale (they do not expire like daily deals)
  • At this point a lump of coal is more valuable than coupons
  • Coupons can only be used from 2nd January - 1st March
  • The more coal you save the more likely you chance of winning the epic holiday giveaway

epic holiday giveaway

if you do decide to save your coal you win the chance of winning one of these prizes:

  • Grand Prize : EVERY SINGLE GAME ON STEAM!!! (1 winner)
  • First Prize : top ten games on wishlist (50 winners)
  • Second Prize : top five games on wishlist (100 winners)
  • Third Prize : Valve Complete Pack (1000 winners)

So what are the chances of a Valve game coming out before march?

Golden Rule: only buy games that go on a daily deal - hold out until the last day of the sale for all games you
wanted but did not get a daily deal.

Use Steamprices to check prices in different regions, in most cases Russia and SE Asia have the best deals, steam trade
would be helpful here in getting the games (NOTE DO NOT USE A VPN, steam are very harsh about using proxies to get games
from other countries) but if you have someone in another region gifting the game to your account its fine, some gaffers
are up for gifting to other regions (look below)
If you want to be added to the list, send a PM.

Steam now allows people to trade games now, it's very secure and faster than the old gifting system, there is also a steam
trading thread. bear note that items lower and rise in value depending if they go on sale or not (some tf2 items are quite
valuable try not to get ripped off! check prices!) & avoid trading a game for a CD key!

Use the wish list function in steam, put all the games you want in the wish list, check your wishlist if the game is on sale.

Use steam wallet, Steam wallet is a quick & easy to add money to your steam account for purchases down the line, it's
instantaneous so you won’t have problems like you do with PayPal & banks. You use multiple sources to fund your steam wallet.

If something goes wrong with your transaction do not send a chargeback on your card, it can lead to getting your steam
account suspended - use the steam support service to tackle any problems you may have.

you now have 4 hours after the new daily deals to get the games from the previous daily deal.

Packs allow you to buy several copies of the game, these are great for giving out as gifts or trading or selling, if you do intend
to sell them off please use a secure method of payment and list users who are going into the deal.

The game you may want might be cheaper on another service, use steamgamesales to see the cheapest prices.

this is a list of people who are willing to help out with cross-region gifting for bigger savings. If you want
to help out, just send me a pm here and I will add you to the list.

please make sure that any paypal transfers are marked as gifts, so the correct amount is given,
also watch out for paypal fees, this website will help you calculate them:

Region: North America

Xeno_Flux2113 (send paypal funds first)
graywolf323 (send paypal funds first)
wilflare (except EA games.)
HP_Wuvcraft (no more than $14)
xelios (send paypal funds first)
Relax.MX (except EA games.)

Region: Europe / Uk

Dambrosi (send paypal funds first)
Stop It (away 24th-27th)

Region: Australia


Region: South America

Kerrinck (Rockstar games)

Oct 7, 2010

you now have 4 hours after the new daily deals to get the games from the previous daily deal.

31st December Daily Deals: image

30th December Daily Deals: image

29th December Daily Deals: image

28th December Daily Deals: image

27th December Daily Deals: image

26th December Daily Deals: image25th December Daily Deals: image24th December Daily Deals: image

23rd December Daily Deals: image

22nd December Daily Deals: image

21st December Daily Deals: image
20th December Daily Deals: image19th December Daily Deals: image

Oct 7, 2010

These are the achievements that you can obtain, I have also listed solutions for the some of the harder achievements, if you know
how to solve a game which does not have a solution feel free to pm me and I will add it.

also: please be careful with game saves, not all sources can be trusted. You must take caution with all downloads and your steam
account is your own responsibility.

These two website also contain info on achievements and how to get them:

December 19th

• Check your inventory - you've got a gift!
simply go to your Steam Inventory and see what you got, then we give you something else just for looking for that.
SOLUTION: really?

Orcs Must Die!
• Deck the Halls
Complete the Hallway using only the Arrow Wall
SOLUTION: start first level just use arrow traps 4+ would be a good idea and your trusty bow!

Bunch of Heroes
• Holiday Survivor
Survive up to the 20th wave in Santa's map
SOLUTION: There is a .pak file to get it the easy way but I do not trust them one bit especially with vac statuses, try joing a game on easy with 4 players, and circle strafe around the map.

• Snowblind
Find the six hidden switches in the snow-covered levels in December
SOLUTION: A guide can be found here.

Cargo! The Quest for Gravity
• 2012 - it’s almost there
The Christmas bell tolls! You have been blessed with a present.
SOLUTION: video guide here

Anomaly: Warzone Earth• Santa’s ChallengeGrab 20 Santa's gifts from missions 2-4 to get yourself a nice prizeSOLUTION: In level 2 when repair charges are being dropped, there are also gifts dropped, collect them.
SOLUTION: Load up level 2 and there will be two gift drops right when the cutscene after the radar station ends. Pick the two gifts, hit ESC, load from previous checkpoint. Repeat until you have 20.

December 20th

Spiral Knights
• Son of a Nutcracker!
Hit an opponent with a snowball in Lockdown
SOLUTION:  youtube video

• Holiday Dinner
Cook and consume two different kinds of roast in one sitting.
SOLUTION: thanks to Mrbob, he has a save file and instrcutions, click to read

Dungeons of Dredmor
• Diggle Nog!
Make some Diggle Nog. Who doesn't love a nice cold glass of Diggle Nog?
SOLUTION: The gift will drop from any mobs randomly, just like the item briefcases. It appear as a green gift box.
• Reindeer
Kill the reindeer.
SOLUTION: youtube video here

Tropico 4
• Megalopolis
Reach a population of 1000
SOLUTION: save file here put into %APPDATA%\Tropico 4\users\user1\ExSaves

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
• Fighting The War on Christmas
Participate in a successful territory capture on Commissars House
SOLUTION: Connect to an empty TE-CommissarsHouse server and join Allies. Capture any one capture point.

AI War: Fleet Command
• In The Midst Of A Cold, Dark Winter
Lose at least 30,000 ships in a single game.
SOLUTION: save file to steam\common\ai war fleet command\RuntimeData\Save

December 21st

• Join the 2011 Holiday Group
Years from now, you can look back and say "I was there. . ." with a wistful glint in your eye. Go to the Steam Community to see who’s already had too much eggnog.
SOLUTION: join this group

Defense Grid
• Flurry
Earn a gold medal on an adrenaline challenge mode.
SOLUTION: youtube link

Swords and Soldiers
• All I Want For Christmas Is You
Use the Aztec Mindcontrol spell five times in a single online match.
SOLUTION: finding active players is hard, trying getting a friend on-board to help you out, lot easier to cast all 5 spells before losing.

PAYDAY™ The Heist
• Merry Xmas
In multiplayer, find a Xmas present on any level.
SOLUTION: Start the bank heist level on easy, keep playing until you get to to the money, there is one present once you collect all the money.

Jurassic Park: The Game
• Holiday Bonus
At the docks, get Miles to offer Nima a bonus.
SOLUTION: Just say "forget it" to the guy at the docks.

Guardians of Graxia
• Gift of Efficacy
Cast the `Gift of Efficacy` spell on a friendly unit
SOLUTION: Start a skirmish match and keep placing units and using spells as you please. End the turn when you run out of mana, wait until your enemy is done and keep drawing spell cards. Eventually you'll get the card you need (Gift of Efficacy). Cast this on a unit of your own.

December 22nd

Rise of Immortals• Santa's Little HelperGet 20 assists in a matchSOLUTION:  best way to do this is to pick Ichorr as your character. You should level up Enchanted Grove and Thorn Barrier. As long as you buff your friends and hit enemy once you will get an assist. For the level 5v5 is preferred. Just stay behind your friends healing them and hit enemies every now and then.
The Polynomial
• Sore throat
Eat too many (more than 10) snowflakes within game life. Snowflakes will be present in Christmas level when its Christmas.
SOLUTION: youtube link
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine• Sector ClearedSuccessfully complete a Space Marine Exterminatus Arena (Kalkys Facility Escape or Hab Center Assault).SOLUTION:Join an Exterminatus game or start one with friends, survive through wave 5, 10, 15 or 20 and it'll unlock. The Hab Center Assault is slightly easier for it's simple landscape.
Post Apocalyptic Mayhem• Ho-ho-hidden!Find Santa’s secret hideaway.SOLUTION: youtube link

Toki Tori
• Catch a Cold
In Forest Falls, collect the large Snowflakes.
SOLUTION: youtube link

• Merry Christmas
Nuke Santa and thereby end Christmas for everyone, for ever more
SOLUTION:Set your computer's date to 24th December and Santa will fly around the cities, you have to guess where Santa is. It's best if a friend helps you do this multi-player.

23rd December

Steam•Get what you want – trade!Go to your Friends List and make a trade! Games, coupons, coal. . .sorry, fruitcake doesn’t fit through our pipes.
SOLUTION: just trade with a friend.

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy• The GiftPick up the gift.SOLUTION: The gift will drop from any mobs randomly, just like the item briefcases. It appear as a green gift box.
B]Frozen Synapse[/B]• Now I Have A Machine Gun. Ho Ho Ho. Play an Instant Skirmish and win with only your machine gunner left alive.SOLUTION: youtube link

• Candy Stripe
Make a candy stripe
SOLUTION: Get a red-white-red-white-red combo in the game.

Greed Corp
• Walking in a winter wonderland
Win a match in a snow map in either the campaign or in battle mode
SOLUTION: Start a match, and pick local players for player 2 and 3. It should say "buddy of <user name>" or "friend of <user name>" for player 2 and 3 names. Pick the map Angoran Mountains. Make sure that the center tile is covered in snow. If it's not, quit and remake the game. Since you control all 3 players, fast forward through your own turns, and build a harvester each for players 2 and 3 - the harvester will eventually destroy the ground, the units will fall through and you'll be victorious. Player 1 (you) won't always go first.

Fate of the World
&#8226; Let it Glow
Plunge the world into Global Thermonuclear War by 2100!
save file

save file put it in %appdata%\fotw\save (paste it in explorer)

24th December

CrimeCraft GangWars
&#8226; Santa's Little Helper
Gain a total of 500 points from Snow Brawl matches.
SOLUTION: youtube video here

Hard Reset
&#8226; Blizzard (Special)
Kill 50 enemies with electricity only
SOLUTION: load first level, hit the blue power generators in the first level when enemy's emerge (do not destroy!) it will take out the enemy's, rince and repeat untill you get 50 kills.

&#8226; With Your Nose So Bright...
Complete any mission playing as the Red Charge ship.
SOLUTION: you need to complete level 2 to get the red charge unlocked you must also have 8000pts to buy the red charger, once done select red charger and complete the 2nd level.

Wings of Prey
&#8226; It's winter!
Complete any mission on winter locations: Korsun, Stalingrad or Bulge
SOLUTION: youtube link

Renegade Ops
&#8226; Naughty or Nice
Receive a present from Santa Claus
SOLUTION: youtube link here

And Yet It Moves
&#8226; SNOW WHITE
Grab 20 Santa's gifts from missions 2-4 to get yourself a nice prize
SOLUTION: go to level 2-1, 8th checkpoint - there is a branch you can use to do the drop

25th December

&#8226; Have 10 items on your wishlist
You haven&#8217;t done this already?!? Do it! What if you win the Epic Holiday Giveaway? How do your friends know what to get you? that.
SOLUTION: just add 10 items to your wishlist, remember registering a cd key will make the item still be active on your wishlist, manually remove it.

Nuclear Dawn
&#8226; Bad Santa
Kill a Commander in Silo during the 2011 Winter Sale
SOLUTION: get some friends to become the commander and get them killed.

X3: Albion Prelude
&#8226; It's Cold Outside
Force a pilot to eject from his ship.
SOLUTION: keep shooting until the pilot ejects.

Killing Floor
&#8226; A Bloody Christmas Carol
Kill 15 XMas Clots, 5 xmas Stalkers, 5 XMas Crawlers, 1 XMas Siren and 1 XMas Bloat. In Killing Floor
SOLUTION: Start the Xmas map on easy and just plough on until you get it.

Demolition Inc.
&#8226; Car Jump I/II/III
You jumped 400m.
SOLUTION: Select the second city of the campaign. Choose the mission "Driver". Destroy the building at the end of the jump ramp then use a second car to jump the ramp over the destroyed building, unlocking the achievement.

Atom Zombie Smasher
&#8226; KringleJammer
Defeat Wave 7 in the KringleJammer mini-game.
SOLUTION: youtube link

26th December

Rusty Hearts&#8226; All I want for Christmas is SewersComplete the quest "A Simple Task" from Technical Officer Ryan.SOLUTION: youtube link

SOLUTION: Game of Thrones
&#8226; Winter is coming
Play as the Starks an entire multiplayer game or vs AI.
SOLUTION: just play as the starks for the whole match.

Beat Hazard
&#8226; Survive Christmas 5/10/15/20
In Survival Mode last 5/10/15/20 mins while playing to a Christmas Radio Station
SOLUTION: Chose a Christmas radio station and survive 5-20 minutes to get the achievements.

Rock of Ages
&#8226; Snowball War
Win a match using the Snowball boulder.
SOLUTION: Go to options, select "snowball" and complete a campaign.

&#8226; Ride the Wind
Use the Skyway in the Wharf District.
SOLUTION: load the first level and use the skyway without falling off to get to Bastion.

Worms Reloaded
&#8226; 12 Days of Winterval
Deal exactly 12 damage to a worm with 100 health.
SOLUTION: youtube link

27th December

AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome
&#8226; I Have Come to The Point in My Life Where I Appreciate Christmas Mall Music
Seriously. Christmas mall music eventually seeps into your brain, and you get all domestic, and you start looking at the children
and going, `well, wouldn't it be nice to have kids of my own someday, so that I can play video games with them?` In the
meantime, get 4 stars on all the levels in the freeeee Christmas Mall Music pack.
SOLUTION: youtube link

Cities in Motion
&#8226; Winter Wonder
Transport 1000 passengers during November, December and January of any year.
SOLUTION: start new campaing, select Massive Munich and set the speed the fastest possible and just wait and you should get it (15 or so minutes)

&#8226; Yet, I Love The Holidays
Defeat the Holiday Whompa.
SOLUTION: Pick Holiday Whompa from the saferoom enemy list in floor 1 and win the battle.

Solar 2
&#8226; Snowflake Star
Get 4 points in the star challenge mission `Snowball Fight
SOLUTION: You must first have advance to the star mode in the regular story mode at least once. If you become/have ever been a star, you unlock the star challenges. They are in the escape menu, and the one you should be looking for is called something like "snowball fight". All you have to do is ram your ice planets into the other star, and avoid theirs. The challenge ends when you run out of planets.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution
&#8226; Winter Assualt
Play for a total of 30 minutes against a human opponent on: Ice Station Obelis, Selenon Fissure, or Argent.
SOLUTION: get a friend and just idle for both players.

&#8226; Write a recommendation
Example: "I really like the game, but I couldn&#8217;t find the stupid cake." You can write a recommendation for any game you own.
SOLUTION: jsut write a NEW review of a game in the community pages of steam.

28th December

Team Fortress 2
&#8226; Valve Gift Grab 2011 &#8211; TF2
Collect three gifts dropped by opponents.
SOLUTION: same as DOD:source but use rockets or type "kill" in console.

Space Pirates and Zombies
&#8226; Santa's Little Helper
Feed Santa so much milk and cookies, that an elf falls off his sleigh
SOLUTION: youtube link

Revenge of the Titans
Hurrah! Christmas is finally over!
SOLUTION: youtube guide

Serious Sam 3: BFE
&#8226; Christmas In Cairo
Decorate the Christmas tree.
SOLUTION: youtube link

Dungeon Defenders
&#8226; Jingled All the Way
Delivered all the presents, and saved Santa Tavernkeep from the vile clutches of Mega-Snowman!
SOLUTION: longe one, youtube guide

&#8226; Festivus for the rest of us
Collect 10 presents.
SOLUTION: get the Christmas DLC (free!) and collect the presents in xmas map, shoot Santa from the presents to collect 5 presents.

29th December

&#8226; Link your Facebook Account
Make sure your highschool sweetheart(s), dogsitter, and second cousin twice-removed know you love fragging, ganking, and wearing silly hats.
SOLUTION: in your steam profile, you will see a facebook icon near your friends list, login into facebook and agree.
TO undo Facebook

In Facebook click the little down arrow next to home
Go to Account Settings
Go to Apps
Remove Steam.
The Binding of Isaac
Find Krampus in Satans room for a gift!
SOLUTION: Find and kill Krampus who can appear in a Devil's Room after a boss fight. Chances of a Devil's Room appearing are higher if you manage to complete the level without taking a hit and/or killing the levels boss without taking a hit. Krampus works like the Fallen boss except he doesn't charge after you and his lasers shoot with a shorter charge-up.

&#8226; Brain Freeze
Found and destroyed a blue Crystal Orb Brain
SOLUTION: Get to the third level of the game (Deep Temple Cavern) and destroy the nine orb brains around the level. The Crystal Orb will spawn soon after.

Total War: SHOGUN 2
&#8226; Requiem of the Dead
Win a defensive siege battle with your daimyo during any winter turn.
SOLUTION: someone posted a save file in spuf

Men of War: Assault Squad
Complete the bonus mission!
SOLUTION: download to save file to get the reward

Left 4 Dead 2
&#8226; Valve Gift Grab 2011 &#8211; L4D2
Collect three gifts dropped by Special Infected in Versus Mode.
SOLUTION: get some friends start no mercy first level in versus, humans:eek:pen door walk down then go back up to the rooftops - it should let the special infected re-spawn instantly. or start a versus campaign using the console (you will be kicked from teh game after a minute or so, you will need to do this a few times.)

30th December

Day of Defeat: Source
&#8226; Valve Gift Grab 2011 &#8211; DoD:S
Collect three gifts dropped by opponents.
SOLUTION: Join empty server and kill yourself with grenades, you should drop presents from time to time. (you can also type "kill" in console)

Super Meat Boy
&#8226; The Golden Gift!
Complete all levels in "The Kids Xmas" chapter in super meat world IN ONE PLAY SESSION!

Universe Sandbox
&#8226; Snowball Earth
Freeze the Earth by moving it further from the Sun
SOLUTION: youtube link

Puzzle Agent 2
&#8226; Christmas Tree Census
Spend over $202,259 of taxpayer dollars; The number of Christmas trees cut in Minnesota in 2007 (source: USDA).
SOLUTION: fair the first puzzle 3 times.

&#8226; Polar Expedition
Reach the south pole of Sernimir IV.
SOLUTION:Beat level 2-5, called "There's Something in the Fishcake". If you've beaten the level already, your previous solution will be saved, so running it again will unlock the achievement.

Flight Control HD
&#8226; Snowball
Land 5 helicopters in a row on the Windy airfield
SOLUTION: youtube link

31st December

&#8226;Turn on Steam Guard
Best way to have visions of sugar-plums dancing in your head is to sleep soundly at night.
SOLUTION: Steam guard should be on anyways just turn it on in the settings menu if it's not.

&#8226; Ice Age
It's what killed the dinosaurs. Smash 100 frozen creatures to bits.
SOLUTION: Use frost magick on any enemy to freeze them. Afterwards, smash them with Earth magick. Repeat to 100 creatures.

Make a bell chime in Descent.
SOLUTION: youtube link

Counter-Strike: Source
&#8226; Valve Gift Grab 2011 &#8211; CS:S
Collect three gifts dropped by opponents.
SOLUTION: start server with bots (make all of them join the opposite team and give them no weapons) once done it's esay to kill them all and collect the dropped gifts.

&#8226; Ruin Christmas
Incinerate 10 thieves who are dressed up like Santa's elves!
SOLUTION: Kill the thieves as they come for your loot, should only take one game.

&#8226; Winter Secrets
Find the Academic, Bony and Crystalline holiday secret gifts.
SOLUTION: youtube link

Sep 10, 2010
Ahh, all settled in.

These publisher packs are disappointing. Great for those new to Steam, but for those who already have 25-50% of the games in the pack, it's not nearly as attractive. Can't wait till the individual deals start really rolling out.
Dec 16, 2008
Continuing from Steam thread since it was locked before this one was even ready to go...

RE: EYE Divine Cybermancy

Sorry, I meant single copies. It price dropped (?) to $10, but isn't actually discounted for the sale yet.
Very good point - maybe the single will have a nice price too
Oct 30, 2009
Dead Island four pack bought.

edit: yeah I was wrong about the individual game. shows up on the store page as 50% off for me still but when I added the 4 pack to my cart it showed it as 83% off.
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