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STEAM | January 2015 - Steam GOTY results: Delayed

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Welcome to the new Steam thread for 2015 onwards, we have now started voting for SteamGAF's GOTY see post 3 on how to vote.

Grand Theft Auto V
- Dr Dogg
497 days or 1 year, 4 months and 10 days or even 71 weekends. Finally Grand Theft Auto V has come to PC via September 2013 on last
gens consoles and November 2014 on current gens and I'll admire you if you've held out all this time without trying either of those
versions. The city of choice this time is Los Santos and the surrounding countryside, although completely reworked from the incarnation
in San Andreas. The play space itself is split over various areas of Los Santos taking in the Downtown, Rockford Hills & Vinewood, urban
areas like Strawberry & Davis (mimicking well knowing LA districts), Blaine County a large sprawling area of small towns, villages and
trailer parks as well as underwater sections to explore.

Regards to the main protagonist well this time you now have three. Michael a retired career criminal, Franklin a young car repossession
agent with dreams of something bigger in life and Trevor who's not quite all there in the head. You initially take control of one protagonist
at a time but as the story and missions advance you are able to swap between them freely, even in open play (and sometimes whilst they
are in some hilarious situations). Gameplay is largely the same from what you'd expect from the series with a few additions and
refinements. As mentioned there's character swapping between the main characters and each has a unique set of stats in various areas
of specialty that advance as you use them (a bit like in San Andreas) but each character has a unique special ability. Franklin is a handy
driver so he can slow down time and heighten his senses to give you the edge in a getaway. Michael can also slowdown time but this
helps him with shooting. And Trevor can go into a rampage, being able to sustain massive damage whilst in this state. There's also the
much talked about heists which are types of missions where you can make some choices as which approach to take.

Well with the wait has come some extras and enhancements of the initial release. As with the current gen versions, various graphical
enhancements have been made with denser traffic, greater draw distance, upgraded AI, new wildlife, advance weather and damage effects
and hopefully for us PC folk a whole slew of options to tweak and scale the game to various hardware. There's also a new first person
mode, bonuses for us impatient folks from last gens versions and the ability to transfer your GTA Online character as well with the PC
also getting a video editor of sorts. And to top it all off the Online Heists which have been delayed several times will finally be available to
all at around the time the PC version drops. Well the best things comes to those who wait.

Life is Strange
Life is Strange is a episodic game developed by Dontnod Entertainment... never heard of them? They made Remember Me, now they
are back with their second game about a photography student who has the ability to rewind time. when she wants resulting in future
unknown changes and consequences. Taking a leaf out of Telltales book with branching dialogue options and exploration this could be a
sleeper hit of they year, or what Square Enix is hoping for, each new episode will be released at 6 weeks intervals between each one.

Dying Light
Dying Light is a FPS action survival game where you are placed in the city of Urfa, Turkey which is overrun by deadly zombies. using the
free-running mechanics players can traverse the open world environment finding supplies and crafting weapons to survive the deadly
outbreak plaguing this town. During the night however the zombies are more dangerous, developing the ability to sprint and jump after the
player, so it's essential to scavenge during the daytime, with it's clock and weather system, Dying Light is sure to be a unique gaming
experience. Developed by Techland who are more famous with their Dead Island and Call of Juarez series of games, it's going to be
interesting on how well this games pans out with the media hype engine throwing everything behind this game already.

Anyone can write a recommendation for an upcoming game for next month, just send a a PM of the game you want to write about and
your thoughts on why it's good/why people should play it. Please make the sure recommendation is 60+ words at least and try and hand
it a few days before the month ends so I can add it to the next thread.

Gaffers writing recommendations for February Steam thread:

- Dead or Alive 5: Last Round - Bayonetta




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Results will be revealed in this thread on Saturday 17th at 9PM GMT / 1PM PST

Welcome to the 2nd SteamGAF GOTY Award, every year gaffers choose choose games they thought were GOTY contenders on Steam,
game with the highest point score is crowned SteamGAF's GOTY. Check out last year's nail-biting results.

Rules and deadline:
- Up to 5 games can be chosen
- 1st choice gets 5 points, 2nd choice gets 4 points and so on ... 5th game will get 1 point.
- You can write a short paragraph on why you the the 1st choice is a GOTY contender.
- Game must be on Steam and released from 2014
- Episodic games that overlap 2013/2014 can be counted as long as they have not been used in the 2013 Steam GOTY
- Re-release in 2014 are allowed in the Steam GOTY, for example FFXIII
- APS used if it's a tie, like last time >_>
- Vote thrown if the bin if you fail to follow rules

How to vote:
Copy this and send me a PM:

[B]Game 5 (1 point) :[/B] INSERT GAME NAME HERE
[B]Game 4 (2 points) [/B]: INSERT GAME NAME HERE
[B]Game 3 (3 points) :[/B] INSERT GAME NAME HERE
[B]Game 2 (4 points) :[/B] INSERT GAME NAME HERE
[B]Game 1  (5 points) :[/B] INSERT GAME NAME HERE

[B]Why I want this game as GOTY  (Optional) :[/B] WRITE COMMENTS HERE

Gaffers who have voted so far:


So, anyone managed to get a list of all Steam games released in 2014?
For the Award Voting reference and all that.


Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys vote for in the awards this year. I'll be compiling my list and sending my vote over soon. :)


Yeah, "wrong" section *wink* *wink* :p

Only waiting for Grand Theft Auto V and Tengami this month. And, really hope GTA doesn't end up delayed again or something like that.

Edit. Oh damn, I forgot REmake also comes out this month :O


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Oooh new year and new thread.:D Somehow I just feel so damned hopeful for everything.:D

Also, Wasteland 2 is amazing!


PM'ed with my vote, let me know if I did it wrong :p

EDIT: the vote

Game 1 (5 points) : Dark Souls 2
Game 2 (4 points) : The Wolf Among Us
Game 3 (3 points) : South Park: The Stick of Truth
Game 4 (2 points) : Alien: Isolation
Game 5 (1 point) : Wolfenstein: The New Order


oh right it's real pic month, i got taken aback while looking at the op.

I wonder if REmake would work on integrated.
PM'ed with my vote, let me know if I did it wrong :p

It's too late, the fix is in!

The fact that we're getting L4D3 first speaks volumes how much they value it.

How do we know this? I don't recall hearing anything about an actual release date or seeing footage other than those leaked models from the new Source engine?

Freeman of the hill.
Capture the Vortigaunt.

I already think Half-Life is average enough. Don't pigeonhole it into complete mediocrity by adding multiplayer.


So will this be the year Raven's Cry gets released? Wanna bet on how many more delays 10 minutes before the supposed release? I'll low-ball it and say 'no, 7'.


I'll need to go over my list of games I bought on Steam so I can make the GOTY list.

I really should had kept a list of what Steam games I played/beat through the year.


Just sent the voting PM, sorry Arthea...
Game 5 (1 point) : The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
Game 4 (2 points) : Hexcells Plus
Game 3 (3 points) : Valkyria Chronicles
Game 2 (4 points) : Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITION
Game 1 (5 points) : Might & Magic X - Legacy
Got MGS5 Ground Zeroes few minutes before 2015 but I was not pleased since it lacked mobile iDroid app support and official custom music support (I don't need the utra long hacks to to just susbtitute the main musics). Some minor extra graphical features over the PS4 aren't enough. For the Phantom Pain i will think twice between the custom music, the mobile IDroid app, the iDoid app controlled by DS4 trackpad, the codec spoken the controller speaker and the certainly bigger online community playing MGO and all the old nsotalgic fun and atmosphere on the couch in big screen or the few minor graphical upgrades that will hurt my back when playing on the desk in a tiny screen. Thank you Konami -_-.
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