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Steam remote play beta - invite anyone (no steam account needed)


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Mar 21, 2013
Suorce: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/homestream/discussions/0/3111395750231979202/

Now in Beta, you can Remote Play Together with anyone – no Steam account needed to join your game with the click of a link.

To try the new functionality, opt into the Steam Client Beta. Once updated, you'll find a COPY LINK button in your Friends list whenever you play one of the thousands of games with support for Steam Remote Play Together.

To quickly access your own games with support for Remote Play Together, click the advanced filtering options icon in your Library, then select Remote Play Together under Features. You can even hit Save to create a Dynamic Collection.

When you're ready to play, launch your game, then grab an invite link from your Friends list in the Steam Overlay. Send the link to your friend on Windows, iOS, Android, or Raspberry Pi and they can click your invite to join in the fun.


Apr 17, 2015
So for the non-steam account holders you invite it runs in a browser or an app or what? I checked link but couldn't get clarity.

This could be really cool for playing with my niece, she doesn't even know what input lag is the little idiot! Sorry Clara.
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Sep 11, 2016
Since anyone can join anyone without being in each others' friend list, I think it would be nice if there was a place, some kind of hub somewhere, to share remote play links or see the currently hosted games waiting for players.
It could be cool to just browse a list of hosted games and join anything just like that.
I wanted to try this feature the other day by inviting people to play Naruto Storm 4, but I couldn't really find anyone interested.
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