Steam's Quality Control is Showing Again

Jul 14, 2018
I've just gone onto Steam's website and noticed this currently advertised in their 'Popular Upcoming' section.

I'll leave you to figure out what's weird about it.

How can Epic hope to compete?
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Sep 25, 2015
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The scary thing is it wasn't even on my personal feed. This was their actual factual website.
Oh dear. That's not so good.

Papa Tencent's a-comin.

How is that game? It sounds ace.
If you're into furry (fishy?) culture, tongue-in-cheek dating sims and NSFW peggle it's probably top ten material.

Myself I found it to be a fun cringe-through for the sake of putting together a comedic captain's log, but such things aren't usually in my wheelhouse.
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Oct 10, 2012
Not the first Cam Girl game tbh. Huniecam came out a few years back: -

I'd imagine this is a rip on what Huniecam did tbh. There have been quite a few Hunipop clones so it makes sense someone would clone hunicam as well
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Jul 13, 2017
Not sure I follow what you're getting at OP.
It is in upcoming games because it is releasing soon. Popular because apparently people have wishlisted/followed it enough to meet a certain threshold in that list? Google tells me that "Available: 快了快了" translates to "Available: Faster soon" or "fast fast", both of which are delightful.

Nobody at Valve woke up today with any active intent to "advertise" this *ahem* obviously top tier game. What am I missing here?
Jan 3, 2019
I'm at a loss what's so odd about this, maybe give us a clue? Is it because most of the information is in Chinese? That's nothing out of the ordinary. A current best seller like Chinese Parents or The Scroll of Taiwu look the same. If you mean the available/release date description that's in Chinese? That's set by the developer and it can say "when it's done" if you want. Here's an example that's just having fun with it.