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Steep has dropped half price within 2 weeks of release (UK)

I was out doing some Christmas shopping this weekend and saw Steep at £25 and at first thought it might have been an error in price. But then noticed it in a few other shops at this price and realised this is now the current price of the title.


Question, is it worth it at £25?

throw my wallet down the slopes if old


I'm wondering if Steep underperforming pair with the (imo) inneviable commercial failure of the Assassin's Creed movie will be the final nail in the coffin for Ubisoft's independence.

Certainly can't help shareholder confidence, and Vivendi are on the cusp of achieving their goal of a hostile takeover.


I'd buy it at 10 bucks.... maybe...

This is where I'm at.

I want a snowboarding game so bad. But after how bad both betas and alphas were. I'm not spending over $10 on this game.

Should have took more influence from SSX for the actual boarding part of the game.

Wing suit flying was kind of cool being its own sport.

But still that season pass is a fucking joke


I would stay away from review scores. This game is absolutely fantastic. It's a sim at its core so don't expect an Arcady SSX type of game. But the visuals are incredible and the gameplay fun.


Pretty much every game released since October this years has seen the biggest drops within four - six weeks I can remember since gaming.

Next October I'm just waiting everything out. Seriously.
I like it. Bought it off of Uplay 33% off with another 20% off using ubipoints or whathaveyou. Its not the SSX return you may want but its a good podcast game for me.

Maximus P

£25. I quite enjoyed the beta. I'll probably pick it up soon at that price. I can't think of a better gamer to play over the winter while I'm on my holidays.
It is a perfect £10 game for me. I feel guilty about saying this but I couldn't justify paying any more for it as it really would be a play-for-20-minutes-when-I am-feeling-stressed game and nothing more.


Nice, this means I'll get it if the price is cut in the rest of Europe too. Beta was OK and the open world design is exactly what I want from a winter sports game.


So, wait, it cost fifty quid at launch?

Fuuuuck UK game prices man.

If £ doesn't get stronger, prices will still go up from here. £50 is nothing, that's $62. The euro price is around 70 euros, that would be £59. I'm not sure £60 is where it stops at either.


People call it "chill" instead of using the proper word of boring.

"It's the type of game that I don't have to concentrate on, and I can play while I am doing something else"

I've seen that banded around, not just this game, but others, it blows my mind.


The initial pricing was really steep, but glad to see it's slid down to something more reasonable.
I think I'll wait until the pricing reaches the bottom.


The alpha and beta were pretty bad. I can see how some enjoyment could be had, but its not a good game.
I played the Beta for an hour or so and, after reflection, it didn't click for me.

I don't see a big market for this type of game anymore. Niche appeal, for sure.

Ollie Pooch

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Shit marketing but I'm always drawn to games with mixed reviews and this sounds awesome. Picking it up on Friday. Better be good 👀


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People call it "chill" instead of using the proper word of boring.

This. The beta wingsuit controls were bad, but the most criminal sin was that the game didn't have "fun" for the realism it was trying to ground itself in to give.
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