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Steep Slope Sliders...or when devs known for one genre make a wildly different and awesome game (CAVE and shmups)


if you play shmups, you know CAVE. They are basically the kings of the bullet hell genre and have been making legit amazing shmups for decades now. So anyone who hears CAVE...would probably assume it was going to be something about shmups

Except that one time they made Steep Slope Sliders...a legit amazing snowboarding game for Sega Saturn and STV. Not only did they take on a completely different genre but they did it in full 3D when up until that point all they really ever did was 2D sprite based shoot em ups for arcades. Somehow the developers of something like DoDonPachi took on the snowboarding sports genre...and nailed it?

But that got me thinking...what other devs that are known for one genre almost exclusively took on a totally different type of game and succeeded? Because honestly...I can't think of many examples at all



Not really what you're looking for but Lucas Pope is kind of a one-man-studio always doing totally different stuff (aesthetically-wise at least) and nailing it every time.


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What do cave even make anymore?

Nin2jump was surprisingly fun on xbox360.

I know they made some visual novel game too and then shifted to mobile, are they even still going?
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