Steven Universe |OT| Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous

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Bad Better quality promo for Steven week.

in which Steven whips out his AT Field

Wow that expression Pearl does in the video is just adorable! :D


I wasn't implying she was actually Amethyst, I mean that whole shot is so out-of-style and yet within-style of the show as to be some kind of altered perception of what really happened. Like if Steven suddenly imagined them together taking a picture looking straight-up anime. And that's what we're seeing.
Remember way back when the Crewniverse were soliciting for new talent by administering a board test online? And then ended just as quickly? We haven't heard much about how that went but it appears some people who didn't get in are now uploading their board test samples to their blogs.

Without knowing how exactly these board tests were meant to be filled out, going by these samples we can probably assume that for the most part testees were encouraged to board essentially whatever they wanted, within certain guidelines and set number of panels.
Just got done watching all of Gravity Falls as a way to fill in the Steven Universe Hiatus. I think its great, and the way they build up the suspense and mystery of the books is awesome, and the show is definitely more consistent in quality throughout the whole series, but I still think Steven Universe is my favorite of --erm, whatever these new types of cartoons are called. (Not sure where to post this since its about both shows but whatever I'll post this here since I feel uncomfortable saying a different show is better in a thread about another show lol)

I feel Steven Universe has way more complex and emotionally deep character moments, which is what is really important to me. Don't get me wrong, Gravity Falls has some great moments, like
Soos realizing his dad is a jerk and he doesn't need him
Wendy telling Dipper she's too old for him.
but they just don't compare to stuff like amethyst saying 'I didn't ask to be made' after fighting pearl in the Kindergarten or Pearl saying 'What would Rose think of me now' and Steven replying 'Well.. I think you're pretty great!'. Also the humor in gravity falls occasionally gets on my nerves. Things like the
security guard in the time traveling future falling for mabel telling him she's his great great great great great grandma.
I dunno it just feels too forced a lot of times and heavily reminds me of The Fairly Odd Parents
Which I dont like
. There's still really funny moments though. The climactic moments of gravity falls are awesome, and Not What He Seem's ending had my heart skip a beat since it was something that was hinted at for so long, but it still wasn't as epic as Garnet singing while fighting Jasper in Stronger than You. Maybe that's just because I really like the music in steven universe though lol.

Either way both shows are great and in the end im a fan of both now
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