Steven Universe |OT4| Every Rose Has Its Thorns

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Hard to pick a fave for me, but it's definitely not Pearl, haha. All the gems have their good moments. I hated Jasper at first but now I can't wait for her to show up again.

...Leggy and Navy 4 best gems
i see peridot is best gem now?


anyway, left this in the last thread, but as psxphile linked, we have a mostly complate verion of Love Like You.
unless they decided to remove it, i'ts just missing a Guitar Solo and Drum fill

i love this song
I always feel a little choked up when I hear this song, I love the addition of the "love me like you" part. Suddenly you realize it's a song about self love! Fits many of the themes of the show well.
pearl was my favorite until sworn to the sword, which creeped me out, and thus the favorite spot was empty until peridot
Really? That episode cemented her status for me. Before that, it was Space Race that made me fall in love.

Lapis is also working her way into my heart. The level of fucks she fails to give about everything is amazing.

I love Peridot too, but I very much dislike how hard the writers are pushing her.


Amethyst is still best Gem in my books. Everyone else is just competing for second place.
Amethyst got a lot of necessary character work in Season 3. For a while there, she kind of just felt like the gem who had the least going on, but she's good now.
Checking in for the new thread. No getting off the SU train now.

I feel like going Team Pearl, if only to help offset all the Pearl haters around here. She's one of the most complicated (and messed up) characters on the show, which for me makes her arguably the most interesting.
Pearl gave us "It's Over Isn't It?" which is one of the most beautiful sequences in the series.
AND as sad as it was, it marked a major step forward. She was fully accepting that it was pointless to cling on to Rose now because, well, it's over. That's what let her to mostly patch things up with Greg later in the episode.

Also, Garnet is best gem/mom. I love how she's become more affectionate and open with her feelings post-Jailbreak.

EDIT: Amethyst grew on me a lot in Season 3 though. She's got a great sibling relationship with Steven now.
That's why the people of this world believe in!
and Pearl!
And Ste-
And Ste-
Ruby Squad!
Gurgle Clik clik!

My top 5 so far (could change in the future, except Peri):

1. Peri (w/pink bowtie)
2. Ruby
3. Garnet
4. Amethyst
5. Steven

So far this show has been amazing, hopeful that this season ramps up the pace. Peridot is my spirit animal.
Garnet still dabest overall
but she would probably say Steven is the best, and I would agree
Peridot is the best non-fusion gem, though Pearl & Amy are appreciated for how far they've come
Stevonnie rapidly climbing the ranks of best fusion
Lapis is best Bob
Connie is best human, Greg is best 2nd place human
Pizza family is best restaurant family
Lion is best Lion
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