"Streamer" "shows off" "Nintendo Switch" live on stream.

I feel like it's fake since the side controller don't seem to fit right on that screen, and it looks a bit smaller than the one in the ad. But the video shows the controller piece which is interesting. Regardless even if it's fake it's impressive.
is this the same guy who posted on twitter with a 3d printed one like a week ago? Or is this an all new person showing a 3d printed one
I saw this live. I was waiting for a thread to appear about it and it didn't take that long haha
Also I realized I became a regular member so I can post threads but for some reason I didn't do it for this.

I think that's fake but man, that looks pretty well done.
It's entirely possible that someone could have made a convincing replica of the controller/tablet unit. I wouldn't believe it unless he's actually able to show it running a game.