Street Fighter 5 for PS4 & PC teaser trailer (set to private)

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KO if old

Music is Explosion in the Sky by the way

edit : " exclusively on PS4 & PC "

Courtesy of VE3TRO :

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Thanos acquires the fully powered Infinity Gauntlet in The Avengers: Infinity War, but loses when all the superheroes team up together to stop him.


My hopes are for more single player content, like a real survival mode and I'll be happy.
Shame they didin't go for a more different artstyle though, feels a little less like a sequel.
Console exclusive? Time for some shitstorms

Will most likely be timed if true. Capcom would be stupid not to get this out on as many platforms as possible eventually. Would be funny to see if sony fanboys are more modest about this exclusive than the microsoft fanboys were with the Tomb Raider one.


God damn it. I was hoping they'd get away from that weird look from the last gen. At least it looks like they're trying to push the calligraphy motif a little more, though.


I'm so fucking happy. I know their is a contingent of people that this isn't a big deal for. This is the biggest deal for me. (Not the console exclusivity part.) the SFV no more SF4 soon I love SF either way part. Yesssss.
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