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Street Fighter 6 ‘Your Story’ trailer, screenshots released


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Capcom has released the official story trailer for Street Fighter 6, dubbed “Your Story,” alongside new screenshots.

Get the latest details below:

Street Fighter 6 is gearing up for its imminent global release and showed off brand new scenes from World Tour, the new single-player story mode set within the Street Fighter universe. From interacting with all 18 legendary Masters like Chun-Li and Ryu, to discovering the true meaning of strength, players will travel through open-world areas as they customize their own personal avatar by mixing and matching fighting styles and special moves.
Street Fighter 6 represents the next evolution of the Street Fighter series with a combo of unique fighting game innovations and brimming with content across three brand new game modes—Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub.
Street Fighter 6 is due out for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam on June 2.

Watch the trailer below. View the screenshots at the gallery.


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Miyazaki’s Slave

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How many times they will show this game before release?

This is like Deathloop at this point.
I asked ChatGPT and it referred to what Capcom is doing as "mar-kat-ing" or "mrketing"...I dunno marketing or something. Sounded completely crazy to me and lets be honest, it's probably all lies anyway.

Also, twitter told me that capcom is apparently giving $1 million dollars to someone who can win a few games of this against other people. LUUUUUUUUULZ fake news.....


What's all this 'your story'. I'm Ken (Or Akuma once he releases). Not some generic make your own character in a cheap store tracksuit. Drop that crap.


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Did you guys play that demo? This is a deeply silly game and I'm not sure who they were trying to appeal to. It's pretty ridiculous.
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