Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting Released for Virtual Boy


It's not April so you can rest assure that this news is not a hoax. Believe it or not but homebrew developers have somehow managed to bring Capcom's timeless Street Fighter II over to the Nintendo Virtual Boy! Luckily for us, the team behind this impressive creation have generously released a playable demo ROM for all to download.

As exciting as this news is, it does, however, come with one slight frustration. Hyper Fighting, as it is known, currently does not work in any Virtual Boy emulator out there and requires the expensive and elusive Flash Boy flash cartridge.

Nevertheless the demo version of Hyper Fighting has been released online and features the ability to take on 4 familiar fighters in 4 familiar stages. While we're yet to try it on the Flash Boy in the RetroCollect office, both screenshots posted online and the general reaction from Virtual Boy fans around the web has gone on to suggest that this is something even Capcom would be proud of.

UPDATE: We're back at HQ and have had some time to trial this masterpiece. Without going into too much detail, this is nothing short of groundbreaking. Check out our gameplay video below to see what all the fuss is about.
Gameplay video:

Great idea for Capcom. They should do a 3D classics of (S)SF2(T) for 3DS

technicaly i am not port begging but remake begging :p
This is beautiful (minus the flickering). Just goes to show what can be done if you want to. Whether there's a market for this is debatable, but it still looks like a fun project.


No one shall be brought before our LORD David Bowie without the true and secret knowledge of the Photoshop. For in that time, so shall He appear.
Oh please, someone get this working on the Oculus Rift.
Looks great from a gameplay perspective. The music was horrible though.

And what's up with those elephants in the foreground blocking the view in the corners? I don't remember any version having them there.
Brought to you by the color red, as expected. :)

Cool work, but damn, there is guys who pass time to make VB games in 2013... Wow!
Next probably is Mother 64 on 64DD.
as a VB owner back in the day i wish the system was at least somewhat more successful so we could've gotten stuff like this. VB gets rightfully shat on but it had some potential
The old SF2'CE PC Engine port was real impressive as well.

SF2 was ported to a number of 8-bit platforms wasn't it? I bet there was a Master System version in Brazil too.
I haven't seen the PC Engine version but I don't think there's any 8-bit version of SF2 with solid gameplay. 8-bit versions of the game tended to have very choppy movement & animations and poor collision detection.