Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition: Free update arcade mode & more; $40 game+DLC bundle

So much for "there will only always be one single version" they kept repeating.
But this relaunch became necessary when the game bombed. We can only deplore the time it took for Capcom to add a key feature that is in every other fightning games.
So much for members of this forum being literate.
Here's the new stage select screen.
Really hate they're not commenting on the stages yet.
I'm assuming at minimum we'll get the stages tied to character's. But I will write in stone right now. If that's the stage select for the retail version I will buy this day one.


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No. they said you would only need one DISC. How can this small, but very clear bit of information be so misinterpreted to the extent that it is??
because they ALSO said there wouldn't be a Super/Ultra edition. they said BOTH THINGS.
There will be no "Super" or "Ultra" Street Fighter IV, just one ongoing title until Capcom and Sony tire of the series.
everyone's correct and it literally doesn't matter because it's a free update.

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They actually seem to be going all out with the arcade mode. Pretty cool.
they really do. i'm cautiously optimistic; i hope that teaser video is part of a new attract mode like SFIV had. it's silly, but one of the things that made me sad about the original release was that there was no point to leaving the game running on my cab because of no attract mode.
Props to Capcom, it looks like they are full-assing it this time! Nice :)

Also nice to see they are doing something cool/unique with the Arcade mode (at least if I understand things correctly). This should really help SFV out assuming people are willing to give this a chance after so long and so many missteps and that Capcoms avoid screwing things up later down the road.
S1+S2 characters aren't free for vanilla owners cause I already see ppl thinking otherwise lol.

Great package for first time buyers.
Yeah, I was just about to say the same thing. Vanilla owners still need to either earn or buy the extra characters/stages.

But it is nice to have a bunch of other SP contents to actually play the game!
Nice to see that Bengus can still draw something with some personality. I guess there was a time crunch with story mode.
Rumors were that he was rushed and they ended up basically drawing over sketches he had made to get a final product.
Rather than actually touching up the sketches to a final form liked he'd usually do.