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Streets of Rage 4 tops 1.5 million downloads, new update now available

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Streets of Rage 4 tops 1.5 million downloads, new update now available

Over 80 enhancements and fixes.

Streets of Rage 4 has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times, publisher and developer Dotemu, and developers Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games announced.

The sequel to the classic beat em’ up series launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One (including Xbox Game Pass), Switch, and PC via Steam on April 30.

A new update released today adds several enhancements and fixes to the game, including:
  • Specials and start move can interrupt all hitstun states.
  • Axel has been buffed, with a faster move speed and less recovery on some moves.
  • Cherry has been buffed, with her flying punch from combos now being fully invincible.
“We couldn’t be happier with the reception of Streets of Rage 4,” said executive producer Cyrille Imbert in a press release. “We thank the fans who have supported the game from day one—a lot of the updates in the patch enhance the replay value for folks who have been with us from the start. Additional updates are currently in production and we’ll have more to share on that soon.”

Get the full update patch notes below.

General Gameplay Enhancements
  • Specials and star move can interrupt any hitstun state on ground.
  • Specials can interrupt hit freeze.
  • Faster jump start for Streets of Rage 4 characters.
Streets of Rage 4 Characters: Fixes and Enhancements
  • Axel (Streets of Rage 4)
    • Faster move speed.
    • Better recovery on-air special.
    • Added additional invincibility frames on grand upper start-up.
    • Added grand upper on the ground (OTG) property.
    • Grand upper travels farther.
    • Added neutral special OTG property.
    • Neutral special has less hit freeze.
    • Pipe swing has a less recovery.
    • Air special: all hits connect when OTG + ignore weight class.
    • Defensive cost lowered.
    • Rescaled damage on grand upper.
    • Forward special has a bigger hitbox.
    • Buff charge kick wall damage.
    • Infinite stun-lock on enemies are removed.
    • Special pipe goes farther.
    • Better recovery on combo.
    • Better damage on normal combo and star move.
    • Charge attack goes a little farther.
  • Cherry (Streets of Rage 4)
    • Cherry can jump cancel after uppercut combo and grab uppercut.
    • Added two frames stun on punches.
    • Flying punch from combo is fully invincible.
    • Cherry’s charged flying punch is invincible before hit.
    • Full invulnerability during fall is removed.
    • Special forward is faster.
    • Damage Buff.
    • Back throw works in corners.
    • Pogo kick can hit OTG.
    • Cherry damages are rescaled on normal combo.
    • Infinite head stomping fixed.
    • Cherry knee loop slightly nerfed.
  • Floyd (Streets of Rage 4)
    • Floyd’s attack x3 infinite is removed.
    • Neutral special life costs adjustment.
    • Floyd can no longer reset his grab move counter by jumping.
    • Special take less HP.
    • Floyd has now a slower animation throwing a butcher knife like all Streets of Rage 4 characters.
  • Blaze (Streets of Rage 4)
    • Reduced vertical speed on juggle neutral special.
    • Reduced vertical speed on juggle back attack.
    • Blaze’s back attack has a high bounce.
    • Jump cancel on combo kick 1st hit.
  • Adam (Streets of Rage 4)
    • Fixed Infinite loop.
    • Added neutral special OTG property.
Retro Characters: Fixes and Enhancements
  • Axel (Streets of Rage 1)
    • Added invincibility on headbutt.
  • Blaze (Streets of Rage 1)
    • Hitting behind with flip kick.
  • Adam (Streets of Rage 1)
    • Combo feels more like the original.
    • Added body hit property to his last kick in combo as in original Streets of Rage 1.
    • Infinite fix.
  • Axel (Streets of Rage 2)
    • Fixed Star Move not recovering green health.
  • Max (Streets of Rage 2)
    • Atomic drop recovery is now shorter and bigger AOE.
  • Skate (Streets of Rage 3)
    • Damage nerf on blitz.
  • Axel (Streets of Rage 3)
    • Infinite removed.
    • Increased run speed (+10 percent).
    • Fixed Star Move not recovering green health.
    • Punch range is better.
    • Jab recovery is shorter.
  • Shiva (Streets of Rage 3)
    • Blitz damage nerf.
    • Fixed hitbox on Star Move.
Bosses: Fixes and Enhancements
  • Diva
    • Bug fix Diva never going in phase two.
    • Diva charge is slower.
    • No armor on kicks.
    • Electric area disappears faster.
    • Diva has longer preparation for snake bite.
    • Diva snake bite has less depth.
  • Commissioner Stage 2
    • Balancing.
    • Commissioner has longer charge punch time + lower dash grab hitbox.
  • Estel
    • Police attacks are easier to dodge.
  • Barbon
    • Barbon kicks can hit another player after impact.
  • Shiva
    • Smaller hitbox on palm moves.
    • Shiva double has a chance to align with the player (instead of being full random).
  • Commissioner Stage 7
    • Fewer armor moves.
  • Riha and Beyo
    • Beyo is a little faster.
    • No more armor moves for Beyo.
    • Armor finishes sooner for Riha’s moves.
    • Less fire pond (lesser time and bigger cooldown).
    • Riha fire AOE moves are slower.
  • Max
    • Throw AOE damage nerf.
    • Some AI fixes.
    • Can’t combo the player anymore with 3 shoulder tackles.
  • Ms. Y
    • Mr. Y is now harder to defeat
    • Elite Shadow reinforcements during the fight.
  • Mr. Y
    • Mr. Y stage 11 is harder.
    • Mr. Y stage 12 evades more.
  • Robot
    • Mr. Y and Ms. Y final fight lasts longer (before the robot appearance).
    • Some robot hitboxes are smaller.
    • Legs positions have changed.
    • Twin getting into the robot regains full life.
    • Additional damages on the robot.
    • Fixed a bug preventing Mr.Y from throwing grenades.
    • Spider robot now has the same attacks in phase 1 & 2.
    • Fix a bug with Ms. Y not grabbing in stage 12 last fight.
Stages and Enemies
  • Nerfed Galsia weapon hitbox.
  • Stage 9
    • Apple added in the changing room.
    • Added a roasted chicken.
  • Stage 12
    • Less green life at the beginning.
    • Fixed Pheasant and sparrow rising move.
    • Shorter electric vial time.
    • Reduced steam hazards hitbox.
    • Lots of enemies rising armor moves removed / nerfed.
  • Karate
    • Longer parry recovery time.
    • Massive punch is easier to dodge
  • Caramel and Candy
    • Headbutt nerf: hitbox + hitbox depth nerf.
    • Lower HP.
  • Diamond / Palettes
    • Jump kick track less.
    • Slap is slower.
  • Dylan
    • No armor.
  • Raven / Palettes
    • Slower kicks.
    • Slower knee while rising.
    • Turn towards the target when rising.
  • Taser Cop
    • Slower start up.
    • Smaller hitbox height.
    • Less HP.
    • Bronze enemy is not armored anymore during his attack.
    • Donovan and palettes have a slower jab punch.
    • Lower number of hits to destroy bikes (three).
  • Big Ben / Gourmand
    • Gourmand jump attack tracks less.
    • Gourmand doesn’t do two hits anymore with an air attack.
    • Armor removed on Big Ben fire attack.
  • Elite Cop
    • Slower shield regeneration.
    • Slower attack.
  • Boss Rush
    • Barbon clone bug fixed.
  • Signal R&D
    • Faster walk speed before grab.
  • Deactivated special burst in Battle Mode
  • Enemies hurtbox while jumping on-screen is bigger.
  • You can pick up an item that is in the air if it is in your character height.
  • All characters can hit at point-blank.
  • You cannot charge a move while doing a charged move.
  • Forward specials are not triggered when pressing up or down.
  • Wall bounces increments the combo counter.
  • A character that is in « Body Hit » mode will collide more easily with other characters.
  • Nora palettes aren’t armored anymore.
  • Donovan can hold a hammer.
  • Gold reinforcements on stage 10 boss.
  • Stage 11 more score items on the plane.
  • Stage 12 ninja floor changed a little (removed spike ball, added Big Bens).
  • Faster transition on stage 1_2.
  • Donovan with a hammer on stage 3_1.
  • Boss Rush Mr. Y & Ms. Y robot trigger threshold as in Story Mode.
  • Bikes are now breakable in Stage 6.
  • Walking upward in front of Roo makes spawn 3 vials.
  • Score: combo bonuses don’t have a point limit now.
  • Better reinforcements spawn code preventing some reinforcements from spawning out of bounds.
  • Combo counters stay alive when hitting shields or guards.
  • Falling into holes breaks the combo.
  • Lowered Koobo control weapons number (2 flying at the same time).
  • Fixing Grenade throwers on roff throwing their grenades out of bounds.
  • Damage reduced on players when comboed by enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where you could infinite combo an enemy and refill his life.
  • Fixing pickup bug when several items overlap.
  • Weapons start flashing in red at 1/3 life (instead of 1/2).
  • Sledgehammer freeze reduced a bit.
  • Fixed input bug when canceling blitz by fwd special near a wall.
  • Fixed some scripting issues in the 5-2 bar fight.
  • Better reinforcements spawning.
  • Throwing knives do 36 damage instead of 35 preventing some weird zero HP enemy situations.
  • Some K-washi shield issues fixed.
  • Retro Shiva boss fight reworked.
  • Added 10 frames of stun after vault jump.
  • Pummel moves fix preventing some infinite.
Source: Gematsu




Hasn't appeared on PS4 yet as of this post.

Update : Now it's here, and it feels great.
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So good I would have bought a next gen console if it launched exclusively on them.

Roll on Streets of Rage 5. No hurry though, absolutely no hurry :messenger_sunglasses:


Unconfirmed Member
You can still eternally juggle an enemy after putting them in the corner with Axel's (SoR2) star attack.


Still gotta pick up my copy; have been too busy of late to even consider buying a game to play let alone playing it xD. Really happy it's so successful though; this should hopefully set up for a sequel in the future.


And these numbers just for for a 2D game. Sega is such a retarded company, they're almost Konami level in how they mishandle their IPs. They have so many franchises that could be multi million sellers, in fact Sonic himself should be pulling Mario numbers if they did it right.


And these numbers just for for a 2D game. Sega is such a retarded company, they're almost Konami level in how they mishandle their IPs. They have so many franchises that could be multi million sellers, in fact Sonic himself should be pulling Mario numbers if they did it right.
They also will succesfully relaunch IPs just to next entry do something completely different.


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And these numbers just for for a 2D game. Sega is such a retarded company, they're almost Nintendo level in how they mishandle their IPs. They have so many franchises that could be multi million sellers, in fact Sonic himself should be pulling Mario numbers if they did it right.


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Yeah they do have a tendency to attempt to reinvent the wheel too often.

Don't really see how they're similar.
Nintendo has plenty of IPs that aren't being used.


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Comparatively few though. Like what are we talking about here, F-Zero, Star Fox and Kid Icarus? And with Sega we're talking about almost their entire catalog sans Sonic.
Yes those. Also Mother, Pikmin (not a port) Golden Sun, Rhythm Heaven, Wario Land, Advance Wars, Wii Sports and Metroid. (heh)

Also while Sega isn't using their older IPs they are still pumping JRPGs. (via Atlus) So there is that.


Such a great game! One of the best gameplay mechanics in a brawler ever.

Crossing my fingers for at least one DLC before they start another project!


Not playing until they fix Axel's design.

They massacred my boy :messenger_unamused:

I spent some time with post-patch Axel. He’s a lot of fun now.

Game was already a pleasure but now it feels even better. Being able to interrupt Big Ben’s flame breath attack is very welcome.

Interested to check out the final boss changes. It sounds like it got buffed. Fair, as it was a pushover.

My GOTY for sure.

Edit: new combos being discovered. I noticed using Adam’s new neutral special OTG to extend his combo.

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