Stuck appear offline PS4

A little bug happened to me i cant get out of "appear offline" status, i never Changed It to tht, the status when i Go to my profile IS online, but the red Cross still there and i'm offline.

Searched on internet and alread tried:
- rebuild database
- turn off the system
- change to offline then online with ALL combinations with resets

What should i do GAF?
Just posted about this in the 4.7.2 thread. I'm experiencing this too:

Anyone else's online status busted after this update? When I last slept my PS4 I was appearing offline, now no matter what I change my status to, Online or Appear Offline, I remain to appear logged off.

Restart, turn off and back on, nothing changed it. I just turned the PS4 on and my online status is checked as Online but my profile still has my appearing offline. I click Appear Offline and it goes to the "Please wait..." screen and comes back and Online is still checked. Yet, like I said, I'm appearing offline still.

Skimming reddit and twitter seems like I'm not the only one experiencing weirdness.

I've logged out of the iPhone app, turning off and on the PS4, and that didn't help.

Sometimes the status is stuck as Online, sometimes as Appear Offline, but no matter what, it never changes so no matter how many times I click the other option, and I'm always appearing offline.
Suffering this too, I've managed to get Online to be ticked by just logging out, through the power options, after setting it to appear online, but still have the offline symbol next to my profile, so not sure it's changed anything.
Got it to work, but not sure how so will just list what I did.
-Got Online ticked, by logging out and back in after selecting to appear online.
-Rebuilt database
-Logged out again
-Switched user (I logged into my US account, then back into my UK account. Not sure if that matters), this gave me the blue circle.
-Then logged back in to my main account.
Doesn't it work if you hold Start when you can choose your login profile, and then click on [Appear Online]?
Yeah, but for some reason it won't change to appear you online, just ticks "Onine" and still has you appearing offline. I managed to fix it on my end.
It happened to me but after logging out and logging in it seems fixed.

A bit of a bummer tho that this makes me afraid of using the appear offline option... It's quite useful sometimes when I want to play in peace, haha.
I'm still on 4.71 and it did that to me last night. Must be just a PSN issue.

I restarted 3 times and nothing changed and messaged a friend to see if I was online and it was just a glitch on my end but he said it showed I was offline.

Then I just started playing a game and then about 10 minutes later my friend said it showed I was back online, so whatever it did it fixed itself.

I don't think this is tied to any firmware update, just an issue with PSN in general it seems.
Also seems to be completely fixed for me now too. Can appear on and off as much as I like, whereas I could only be appearing Online or Offline before and it wouldn't change.