Sucker Punch, can you get rid of Delsin's stupid hat-beanie... thing?

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Eh what about no...

The beanie hat is one of the things that makes the character attractive! So much that it makes him one of the best character designs of the next gen games so far.
I agree, that snow hat is so stupid.

Sucker Punch are so bad at character design...

At least they had the decency to change Cole back and not use the boy band version.
Sucker Punch, please give Delsin a buzz cut! And can he just wear a t-shirt and jeans?

Honestly, looking at the videos I've seen, is he involved in some paramilitary like activities? Why isn't he wearing fatigues? Please fix this.
I remember when people complainedd about another character design SP did for inFamous.

It resulted in the most boring character of this generation.
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