Super Best Friends |OT19| Three-Fifths of a Thread

Oh hey you guys are still here, I've really been enjoying them kind of taking more advice in some episodes of their recent episodes like Let It Die and RE7, I miss Liam though but his streams are good enough for me to have on as background noise.
Lol Pat must keep picking up the phone to save because of PE2 right??

And I'm glad they got to unabashed "Youtube Bait" part of the game
and of course meeting Grandma in the basement
What happened to the "skip intro?" annotation in the RE7 episodes? Is it gone, or is it just something on my end? I don't see any options in youtube to turn them on or off.
I'm a bit worried about Pat's eyesight. He walked right past that clock when it was in plain sight.
The one hanging on the wall? I think he wanted to clear out the other snake door to the kid's room before he went to solve that puzzle, so he got focused on running to that door. I'd be willing to bet you have to do both anyway.

Matt obviously didn't wear his gwases because pat told him to keep an eye for for clocks.
tfw you would've preferred Yakuza 0 playthrough over every one active... At least when Liam isn't shilling waifus and vitas he plays a good game.