Super Bomberman R patched to 1.3: 60fps, story mode camera changes, lag improved, etc


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Well this is one thread title I never expected to see.

It's not Bomberman '94 from what I've seen, but that is a very high standard to hold them to and I will buy and support this now as we're on the right track.

For anyone who's not played the single player yet, the new camera and difficulty tweaks are a huge deal for it (though it was the 1.2 patch removing offline lag that made it remotely playable in the first place admittedly :p )

I can actually make out what the heck is going on now instead of being surprised by barely visible ramps/height changes and other such fun.

As an old super bomberman player also glad to see the return of power zone and speed zone, though I'm going to have to unlock it to see if this version of speed zone has remote bombs as a drop (currently no other map drops them, if they're even in the game at all) and the new aesthetic for them isn't as cool as the old ones (no fog and skull blocks for speed zone and power zone looks like some kind of tron reject now instead of the awesome electric boxing ring)

Next patch they need to remove special stages (because they add literally nothing) and give all the multiplayer stages backgrounds that are anywhere remotely in the league of the ones they use for single player (soooo much better looking and actually thematic)
This just made the game go from wait till a sale to bought. Now physical or digital.
I went digital, even though I got it physical for $39 from Target last week having it digital just makes it so much easier to pick up and play. Plus I can let Zelda rot in the cart slot longer. :)

And yeah, story mode is definitely NOT a solid 60fps now but IS improved overall. Game certainly does flow nicer than it did before.
Updated and can confirm multiplayer is buttery smooth. Will definitely play it more now!

Awesome to see this continue to get supported through patching and free DLC.

Konami please do a new Contra.
did they fix that dumb perspective? Saw a quick look of it on giantbomb and man I would not want to play bomberman with that view.
Made it possible to press L/R to change the inclination of he map in the Story Mode. Other > Basing Settings will also allow you to fix the camera position as well.

I hope that's what that means but I haven't played it yet.
Hmm...This makes the game seriously more enticing. Still refuse to pay more than $20, but this actually seems like an "eventually" instead of "maybe one day lol jk"

Hope you supporters are enjoying the update. Surprised Konami is still working on it lol.
Damn, I knew they were improving the game but I didn't know they were going to go this far. Props to Konami for actually attempting to justify the $50 price with these substantial free updates.
Just played a bit.

Damn, they really are fixing most of the complaints about the game, it feels crazy tight compared to launch! Doubling the framerate is something I never expected.

Hopefully this will get more people to jump in the Bomberman awesomeness! :D