Super Cosplay War Ultra

Dec 4, 2005
Super Cosplay War Ultra (S.C.W.U.)

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Super Cosplay Wars Ultra
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Super Cosplay War Ultra is a fan-made fighting game made with Fighter Maker featuring several characters whose outfits change as they move and attack in a manner that usually matches a specific video game or anime series depending on the character, and many of the game's backgrounds are based on the environment of a big anime or comic book convention, with several characters in the background also cosplaying as characters from several different series. The game's received signifigant praise across the internet for it's staggering amount of anime refrences, it's graphics, which many people consider amazing for a free game, and it's addicting gameplay.

While the sprites may look like those from Pocket Fighter, the game play is more like that of Marvel vs Capcom. The game is played with four buttons: a punch, a kick, a throw, and a launcher. (While the setup lists six buttons, the two rightmost ones do nothing in the final version. Also, Zaku, Golf, Asura, Rario, and Pac Helo have no throws or launchers.) Punches and kicks can be linked in chains up to three long, in any combination. Special moves are done with joystick movements combined with the punch or kick button, as in most fighting games. There are also super moves (which require one level of super meter) and ultra moves (which require all three levels).

An interesting addition is that when a player reaches about 1/3 of his health, his defense is roughly doubled. Also, many super moves become more powerful. Another addition is the guard counter: Pushing punch and kick at the same time while blocking uses a level of super meter, but can knock the opponent out of their move. There are also double jumps and air dashes. On the ground, dashing backwards gives a brief period of invulnerability.

Normal Characters
Ryuko = Getter Robo

Zoma = Shin Getter Robo

Dido = Virtual On

Sakuya = Sakura Taisen

Amiro = Amuro's Gundam Mobile Suits

ANMC P = Ball (Gundam MS) + Original

Alex = Zyuranger / Power Rangers

Sou = Dancougar

Kiki = Ojamajo Doremi series

Chung = Naruto

Os Feng = Shaman King

Sean = Houshin Engi

Giant = Mazinger Z

G Suneo = GaoGaiGar

Erus = Hunter X Hunter (Main Characters)

Hiso = Hunter X Hunter (Genei Ryodan)

Lizard = Neon Genesis Evangelion (EVAs)

Kay = Neon Genesis Evangelion (Angels)

Gon = Digimon

Kate = .Hack

Remu = Machine Robo

Rear = Gear Fighter Dendoh

Sin = Evil Characters (Jason/Freddy/etc)

Yo = Bio Hazard / Resident Evil

SWW = Saint Seiya

Gigi = Original (Looks like enemy from Kamen Rider)

Zaku = Zaku

Golf = Gouf

TTRO = Totoro

Astroman = Astroboy

Pac-Helo = Pacman / Haro

Asura = Mazinger Z

Rario = Mario / Ryu

Non-Playable Charaters (by default, at least - when the game is finished, part of a password is revealed, and it's likely that the full password may be used to access some part of the official site where these characters may be obtained):

Ziro = Gundam Wing

Ogi = Gundam Wing

Zenka = Zengar from Super Robot Wars

ZMEGA = Rugal Bernstein

ALPHA = The 4 animal mechs from SRWA