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Super Mario 64 Gets Transformed Into a Horror Game - Another Princess is in Our Castle


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According to a report from Nintendo Life, a project called "Another Princess is in Our Castle" is currently in the works and essentially turns Super Mario 64 into a horror game. A video uploaded to YouTube gives a brief overview of what players can expect. Played from a first-person perspective, Mario can be seen wandering around the castle, lantern in hand. At one point, a ghostly Princess Peach bursts through the door, eventually killing the player. A retry shows that there is a chest in the room that Mario can hide in when the spectral princess arrives.

Playing in first-person, using a lantern to light the way, and the ability to hide from enemies are all reminiscent of the games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent which helped redefine survival horror. The video of this Mario 64 project does look pretty intriguing and even a little bit scary. Players also have a limited amount of stamina, so running away may not always be the best option. Currently, there doesn't appear to be a release date for the full game, but a demo that takes around 15 minutes to complete is available for anyone who is interested.



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The same horror game your favourite streamer has played innumerable times... Now with mario!

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