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Super Mario Bros The Movie 2 is happening - as a comic book



“Now that our Los Angeles screening is over we can finally announce the project we have been working on for the last two years — a sequel comic based on discussions with original writer Parker Bennett!

This comic picks up right where the film left off, exploring new locations and creatures inspired by the games, yet adapted in the film’s unique cyberpunk style.

Give it a read and let us know what you think. More pages to come! Artwork by the talented Jurassic-Con president Joshua Ballze.” — Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive

first few pages here: http://smbthecomic.com/ <- some malware alerts, not worth entering since I posted the pages below in this thread

im all for this


That's an awfully liberal use of the term 'cyberpunk.'

the aesthethics were pretty damn awesome in a ghetto-cyberpunk sorta way tho

I surely wouldnt call it that but it definetly had that sort of super messy/busy dystopian-like future

just with a sewer-like thing going

it was weird and awesome


Going by that last preview image, this takes place during an alternate ending to Amazing Spider-Man, in which Spider-Man did not save NYC from becoming lizard people.


Those reptile guys look like the concepts for Jurassic Park 4 creatures.

And that just raises more questions.

Super Mario Bros 2 WAS JP4?



A legendary conversation with Dennis Hopper regarding SMB(paraphased) :

-Dad, why were you in such a terrible movie?
-Son, I did that so I could buy your clothes.
-I didn't need clothes that badly.



you guys are the worst this is a better and more awaited announcement than another NSMB game

Opening the webpage caused my anti-virus to freak out...

I wish this was an official project.

original writer did a layout of the story and is 100% on board with this. That's as official as you could get


I assume those are koopa troopas?

they look like the lizard from the amazing spiderman to me

I'm guessing that they're whatever passes for Koopa Troopas in the live-action universe; they do look a bit like what King Koopa was devolved into at the end of the film.

...yes, I saw it in theaters as a kid.
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