Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 demo available!

You need Homebrew and Riivolution to play this hack, as well as a retail Super Mario Galaxy 2 disc.

The installer download will walk you through the process of downloading and properly placing the downloaded folders, while the direct download will give you the two folders which you will need to manually place on the root of your SD card/USB drive.
Bob-omb Battlefield and that one Bowser level looked nice, but the others seemed way too big and empty, or not that special looking.

Sorry to be the party pooper, I guess.
Spectacular progress since the last time I've taken news of the project a few months ago.
Now it really feels like a SMG3 game, with more open levels this time.

Very tempted to try the demo !

This video also makes me jump full on the DLC Era Nintendo. World expansion packs from EAD Tokyo every six months...drool
It's sad that a fan-made game has better levels than the real Galaxy games :/
you're not saying this with a straight face >_>

The game looks like it's trying to be 64 (and failing) and less like the Galaxy games. That's a negative point to me. Still got hyped thanks to that awesome music.

Didn't know people were already messing with SMG's engine! COOL MAN!

Can't wait for levels ala Impossible Mario
The last thing Mario hacks need is more kaizo-esque level design. They're so overdone. :/

Isn't nintendo the kind of company to take fan made games like this down?
Nopppee. There's even a Mario fangaming website that has existed for at least a decade!
Wow, that's so cool. This is exactly what I wanted after seeing Another Super Mario Bros Wii. Looks pretty good to, for the stage of progress they seem to be at.