Super Mario Odyssey bundle announced

Hoping the joycons and carrying case are available separately. I already own a switch, and I want a physical copy of Mario. Still though, this will be very popular I'm sure!

EDIT: Also, add on the fact that I STILL can't transfer save files. C'mon Nintendo!
Eh, it's an alright shade of red but nothing else special and only a digital copy. I'll continue playing the waiting game, they have to release a decent Switch colour one day.
I think this might sell every single copy made worldwide.

I certainly feel a bit left out having ordered a Switch this week thinking there's no way a Mario bundle will happen lol. Got £20 off so I won't complain too much.

Yeah this is an almost certainty to be up there with the highest selling Mario games, they're making all the right moves.
This bundle is just perfect for me, shame on the digital game tough.When i got the WiiU with Zelda Wind Waker HD was the same thing.

The games on Switch are still tied to the console?
Definitely selling my Neon set to buy those Joy-cons. A non-neon set of red of Joy-cons is all I've wanted since the Switch launched and I'm so glad to be getting it.