Super Mario Odyssey gets near-perfect score (39/40) from Famitsu

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So you would have to hire new reviewers for every game
Of course not. You simply perform minor invasive surgery of one reviewer’s limbic system so they cannot retain the memory of ever playing a video game before.

For the other three, you just make sure they know their place and stay in line.

It’s quite simple.
3D Mario Famitsu Scores:

Super Mario 64: 39/40
Super Mario Sunshine: 38/40
Super Mario Galaxy: 38/40
Super Mario Galaxy 2: 37/40
Super Mario 3D Land: 38/40
Super Mario 3D World: 38/40
Super Mario Odyssey: 39/40
I am appalled by this review. Cannot believe the really poor non perfect score that will be really bad for sales. I am sure Amazon and most sites are facing unprecedented traffic due to the cancellation requests. Mario has traditionally done and played well on Nintendo consoles. With its due return to a Nintendo console, this is really bad news. Really poor showing from the developers and undermining all our expectations.

Could it be problems with the team? Maybe a morale issue? Or leadership/management problems, even superiors predating on juniors? Nintendo has to come clean on this. Or perhaps, the lack of loot boxes as an option for richer players to save on time and progress faster is a fatal flaw which they need to rectify on future games. They have to realise life is never fair. Or it will be the end of the Mario bloodline. It will probably sell 1% compared to all mainline Mario games in the UK alone.

I expected maturish ond open world concept Mario to meet with doom and gloom and there.. the review has proven it that 2D Mario with a single jump button or tap to jump (easily adapted to mobiles with IAPs to unlock levels). There is also a lack of option to choose a gender or skin color (to alter difficulty) - cmon this has to be an option in every game, to play as a female or black. I also heard from a friend of a friend wjo works in Nintendo that the cartridge scratches itself when inserted into the Switch's slot. The thumbnail on the homescren is also of a reddish tinted hue, which is glaringly wrong. Definitely deserves its poor review score from Fatmitsu.

This is not just a problem with Mario Odyssey but Nintendo and Mario as a whole.
You know what, I had a brainfart. It should read "the outrage over this score doesn't make sense". You are right, *theoretical* reviews could potentially benefit form such a system. Especially if different gamers (like you described) reviewed it. This has to be reflected in the actual review/text, though. Scores are just numbers.
of course
I guess most media outlets don't have the time to let all their staff review one game.
yeah,it's probably way too specific and time consuming to be done on a regular basis, but i would actually give a shit about reviews again if someone starts doing this...especially since most of the time my taste doesn't allign at all with the average review.
the one about the guy who has never played a said genre would probably wear thin after a while, yeah...maybe just do it with the first 3?, fan,hater and the "meh" guy..sound like enough of a perspective
You also might as well nix the guy who hates the games like why is he even reviewing games. It would be a total waste, they could have their own channel instead and it would be awesome. You could hire my dad and call it angryoldmanreviewsvideogames and he would hate everything and talk about aspects of games in terms of "this is how they get you"
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