Super Monday Night Combat Invitational - Now with more DOTA!

What's Super Monday Night Combat?

It's the free to play sequel to Monday Night Combat.

When does it come out?

Spring 2012

Why is this thread here if it's not actually out yet?
The invitational is really ramping up, and they just handed everyone currently in the invitational two invites

What's the difference between invitational and a beta?

It means it's pretty much a beta, except everything unlocked or paid for is permanent.

What unlockables are available to free to play people who don't want to pay anything?

All gameplay affecting things such as endorsements, pros, and (soon) products are available with both Combat Credits (the stuff you earn by playing) and Uberpoints (real dollars). Skins and extra taunts are Uberpoints only.

Why did I forget to mention how to sign up outside of invites?

Let's not dwell on the past, go to and click the button that says "Sign up for beta". It's orange and on the upper right hand corner.

What's the difference between Super MNC and normal MNC?

Many more classes to choose from, a new system of endorsements and (in the near future) products to customize from, and more survive-ability. No more one hit kills, unless you toss someone off the arena, or if you're an over leveled assassin performing a back-stab on a low level sniper. For a more in depth summary of what has changed, theres a very useful thread on the forums by uberent forums user Knickles, so I see no reason to recreate the wheel.

Knickles said:
Hello, I'm Knickles

As a fairly experienced beta player I'd like to welcome you all to Super Monday Night Combat and the Closed Beta Forums. As you are about to find out on your own, "The Rules Have Changed" significantly. Because the transition from MNC to SMNC can be a bit rough, I thought it would be helpful to post a list of tips and suggestions to follow in game and on forum. Hopefully these tips will make your beta testing experience a bit more enjoyable for not only you, but the small amount of other testers as well. Enjoy!

Rules & Tips when playing SMNC

Money = Experience: This means any money earned from killing pros, bots, and picking up coins will become experience. Coin drops give significantly less experience than pro and bot kills, but do give a noticeable edge if you continuously collect them.

Avoiding death is top priority: Because money equals experience, every time you die to an opponent you are "feeding" them. Die enough to one player and you will find that he will have a significant level advantage on you two fold, due to the facts that you have been handing over kills and because you haven’t been leveling off bots. Having high earnings means nothing if you have fed the opponents.

Do Not Over Extend: With the extremely increased health. The low lethality creates a false sense of invincibility to many new players. It isn't worth running too far behind the enemy lines to finish a kill if you end up dying for it. You must learn that conserving your self is a huge priority. Since respawn times get longer as the match goes on, you put your team at a disadvantage every time you die.

Kill bots!: NOT JUST THE ASSASSIN ANYMORE! In the beginning of the game, every person should be killing bots and playing conservatively to gain levels. Ignoring bots will quickly cause you to become under leveled, and you will have a significant disadvantage the rest of the game.

Tap bots!:While it is vital to kill bots to progress towards enemy turrets, if you’re not in a position to kill a bot entirely, make sure to at least hit it with skills/weapons. “Tapping” a bot will give you the experience it would normally give out for the next 5 seconds following your damage, and it is an essential tactic if you want to try and gain an advantage over opponents. While you can tap Shadys, Fujis and Jackbots, the cash rewarded from killing a slim but only goes to the player who kills it.

The Juice has changed: Don't expect to go god mode with your juice anymore. Juice no longer will instant heal you and gives no armor bonus. Juice will give you a damage bonus, a speed boost, and massively increased health regeneration (as long as you aren’t attacked/burning). You can also use it to break out of any grapple, but it will use up nearly all of your juice.

Beware of the edge / Keep an eye on the ejectors: Every OHKO death has been removed except for ring outs. It's important to stay away from the edge of the map since an enemy can easily catch you off guard and get a free easy kill simply by ringout. Pay attention to the ejectors. Ejectors kill many unaware players. It can be avoided by simply staying away while ejector is off CD.

Check the annihilator!: Can't stress this one enough. The annihilator can be game changing. The cool down on the annihilator is five minutes. As a contributing member of your team, it's important to be defending the annihilator at least 15 seconds before the cool down is up.

Grapple / avoid grapples!: Every class has one. Grappling is very important in this game. It can be used for many situations. Use it to hold down an escaping opponent. Use it to contain a juiced enemy. Use it to protect an escaping ally. Use it to cancel annihilator activation. Since this move is so effective against the enemy, you should avoid getting close enough to be grappled by your opponent.

Don’t be discouraged: Remember when you were brand new to MNC? You probably sucked... I know I did. There’s enough new mechanics to this game where being good at MNC won’t carry over to being good at SMNC. Many of us have been playing non stop for about a month and a half. Accept that they probably know a bit more than you, and you may get stomped a bit before you can compete. Just hang in there. I promise that this game is fun once you’ve learned how to play it.

Monitor your HUD: You need to check your HUD frequently to check the status of bot lanes, to watch the health of friendlies, and to make sure your moneyball is shielded. It is essential to stopping backdoor maneuvers.

Adjust for Team Composition: 2-3 assassins is no more effective than it was in MNC. Before locking in your pro, take a look at what everyone else wants to play. Typically the only pros necessary on the team are a healer, veteran, and second enforcer (heavy). It will only benefit you to learn to play multiple pros. Choosing pros that help create a diverse composition will only benefit your team.

The spawn room heals: Running into the spawn room will rapidly heal your pro. Many times, instead of risking death, it is better to run back to spawn and heal up. It's better to spend 15 seconds running to the spawn and back than dying and suffering a 30 second penalty. However, it should be noted that spending too much time running to the base will drain cash and experience gained, meaning repeated returns will leave you outleveled and outgunned.

Closed Beta Forum Rules & Tips

Read the forum!: Before posting a bug in the forum, make sure you check to see if it hasn’t been posted before. Example: Graphics are bugged at setting #5. Every single new player reports it. A simple forum search or skim of the latest posts is usually enough to avoid duplicate posts.

Stay away from the Balance Discussion Forum!: Seriously. Give yourself 2-3 weeks of playing this game before you make a complaint about balance. It’s not that the experienced players don’t care about your concerns, but chances are, you haven’t recognized a mechanic of the game or haven’t gotten used to the new play style of Super MNC. If you think something is OP, you probably haven’t learned how to counter it. If you think something is UP, you probably just don’t know how to use it properly. We understand you want to provide feedback, but please give yourself time to learn.

Use Evidence: when making a post about a complaint you have. It’s important to back it up with solid examples. When giving your evidence and reasons, be prepared to defend it. If you think something is OP, and people disagree, you will most likely get bombarded by counter arguments. If you find yourself not able to answer well back with good examples, chances are your argument isn’t very strong.

Stay open minded: I myself struggle with this one. When someone feels strongly about a certain topic, usually they tend to ignore logical reasoning from others. The point of the forum is to mix the ideas, not just give your one opinion and disregard everybody else.

Take insults lightly: If you’re a new player, you’re probably going to get a lot of “get good” or “stopping being a bad” responses. Usually someone who post these responses is trolling you and wants to see a negative reaction, or is just frustrated with you and is tired of dealing with you. Either way, brush it off and don’t respond unless you see a legitimate post where somebody put time and effort into conversing. It’s the internetz... nothing new here.

Technical Tips

Once you've received a key in your E mail :After receiving beta key and linking your steam account with your Uber account via the links provided, make sure you're logged into your own Steam account.

- Click Games -> Activate a product on steam.
- Click next then agree to steam's Terms of Service.
- Input the Key provided by Uber in the Product Code box
- Click Next
- Steam will congratulate you on your purchase and prompt you to download and install the game as normal.
- You should then see "Super MNC Beta" in your library page just as you would any other game purchased or downloaded from steam.
- Click Play.

Super MNC requires DirectX as well as Some .NET framework files that you should already have but if not you can find both from Microsoft's website if the game does not run when you click play after the first attempt.

Uber points are no longer free: As of update 14 on Dec 11th Uber Points are no longer free.

Credit to Zanarias & chrisab429 for helping me out.

Summary - Annoying fucker who throws bombs and hovers around while shooting you with either a machine gun or grenade launcher while able to charge you.


Summary - Short range guy with shield, able to charge and throw a blinding bomb, has a shitload of hp.


Combination of the medic and engineer from tf2, with an added beacon that fires a missile down where it lands. Has a heal-hurt gun and a shotgun, along with a turret.


Invisible assassin with a sword, backstabs do more damage than front stabs, and she has a grapple on both her shoryuken gun and her sword. Upgrading the damage stat gives her a katana at max level


Has a homing bomb, can deploy into a spot for armor regen but can't move, and has a slam that slows enemies hit near it. He has a minigun and a mortar launcher, and the mortar launcher launches more mortars depending on the level of your damage upgrade.


Get headshots for extra damage, has a freeze trap that keeps enemies in place, a shrapnel bomb that pretty much destroys anything that stays in it, and a grapple kick for pretty amazing damage.

Captain Spark

Warps around, has a light saber-like sword, and can blind nearby enemies. He also has a grapple that throws enemies behind him, and can use this to throw enemies off the arena for an instant kill.


His first ability is a hook that lets him throw himself at areas, his second is a several second debuff that halves nearby enemy pro damage, and a move that makes him counter grapple all grapples and gives him some lifesteal.


Has an annoying stun, an annoying escape ability that makes him leap into the air, and an annoying homing mine.


A gorilla who throws barrels, has a heal/speed boost that affects nearby allies, and his charge ability which does obscene amounts of damage - assuming you are within very close range of enemies.


A luchadore with a pudge hook, a grapple that throws enemies, a normal grapple, and a grapple where he rushes towards the enemy. Grapple grapple grapple.

Combat Girl

Has kitty turrets, a turret hacking ability to make all nearby turrets including base turrets better for a bit, and a lux like laser beam with really far reaching range.


She's like the sniper, except her slow requires her to be near enemies, her high damage cone of bullets requires her to channel, and rather than a grapple she gets the ability to MUCH faster.


Wanna hear a good joke? Waste your time helping me! LOL!
I got in today. Steam ID is t0mat03.

Only played one game, but it was fun. I think this will make a decent F2P game.
If someone has a key to spare I'd take one. I really need something else to play besides BF3.

EDIT: Also have a couple of The Ship key's on Steam to trade.
Been playing since before Christmas. Really fun. I know some aren't gonna enjoy the change but I can dig it. I actually encountered a gaffer the other day....twice. Name started with a Z. His team won both times ='(

For the OP, to get a better idea of the game, everyone should watch the GB Quick Look EX:

(It's an hour long)
Do those who have the original get any extra stuff? I mean, this more or less replaces it and is bound to be the more popular one as it's free, making the last game obsolette potentially before its time. Or is the content different enough to be worth playing both?
Do those who have the original get any extra stuff? I mean, this more or less replaces it and is bound to be the more popular one as it's free, making the last game obsolette potentially before its time. Or is the content different enough to be worth playing both?
Different enough. This one is still a shooter but it leans a bit more heavily on your skill progression/levels (as in, if you're 2+ levels higher than someone, odds are you're always gonna win that firefight if you're decent). That said, all the old characters from MNC have "veteran" skins which are locked for now but MNC owners should receive them for free whenever they're released.
I LOVED the first one and really bummed the 2nd isn't on 360. Hate playing shooters with kb/m.

That said wish I was in the invitational! If anyone could spare an invite I'd be ecstatic!
I'm going to do you a favor i got a invite for you. Also yes! It has Xbox controller support.

Also first person to quote gets the second invite i got.
Captain Spark looks cool. Wasn't a huge fan of the original MNC because I didn't really like any of the characters. Might check this out.
Been playing since before Christmas. Really fun. I know some aren't gonna enjoy the change but I can dig it. I actually encountered a gaffer the other day....twice. Name started with a Z. His team won both times ='(

For the OP, to get a better idea of the game, everyone should watch the GB Quick Look EX:

(It's an hour long)
That would be me! Add me on steam

I am completely hooked to this game, then again i was completely hooked on part one. This is different than the last one but i like it more
I want a code but not because i like this "saga" (i hate the other MNC on PC to me is a bad, and really cheap game), but i love Dota 2 :) hope this is good...
I think the invitational, that's what it says in my Steam library.
Well that was switched for everyone. Check in game and see if you have 600 Uber bucks or not. I think that would mean you were in the closed beta. Even then, I didn't get invites despite being part of it.
"I'm liking the sound of those changes. The first MNC didn't place enough importance on the DOTA aspects of the game for my liking."

To be honest, from my limited playtime (5 or 6 matches), the changes are not for the better.
Not sure if you can build or upgrade turrets anymore? I tried to but only found purchase options for more robots/jump pads hmm.

Already a lil bummed at that + the lowered damage.

My favorite part of the original was laying waste to their turrets. With the upgraded grenade launcher of the gunner I could take a few down before people would come onto me. Was like a giant stealth tank on the fringes of the enemy base at all times lol.