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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Miiverse Update Thread XVI

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Mar 22, 2012

King of Evil.


Foxy Fox 39

Sep 9, 2009
Shulk is more first party than Pokemon, Fire Emblem and Kirby.

Shulk isn't 2nd party. Nintendo owns Monolith Soft. He's more 1st party than Kirby, Pokémon, or Fire Emblem.

Errr no.
Second-party developer is a colloquial term used by gaming enthusiasts and media often used to describe two different types of game development studios:

Independently owned studios who take development contracts from the platform holders and what they produce will usually be exclusive to that platform.
Studios who are partially or wholly owned by the platform holder (also known as a subsidiary) and what they produce will usually be exclusive to that platform.
In reality, the resulting game is first party (since it is funded by the platform holder who usually owns the resulting IP), but the term helps to distinguish independent studios from those directly owned by the platform holder. These studios may have exclusive publishing agreements (or other business relationships) with the platform holder, while maintaining independence. Examples are Insomniac Games (which previously developed games solely for Sony's PlayStation platforms as an independent studio) and Game Freak, (which primarily develops the Nintendo-exclusive Pokémon game series).
Monolith Soft, Inc. (株式会社モノリスソフト Kabushiki-Gaisha Monorisu Sofuto?) is a Japanese video game development company that has created video games for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Wii, Nintendo DS, and cell phones. The company currently has two main studios, its Tokyo Software Development Studio, which is housed in the company's headquarters, and the recently opened Kyoto Software Development Studio. The company was previously owned by Namco Bandai, until 2007 when Namco Bandai transferred 80% of its 96% stake to Nintendo. At a later date the remaining 16% was sold so the company is currently 96% Nintendo owned and 4% third parties. A majority of Monolith Soft's staff are former employees of Square Co., who transferred to the new company shortly after the creation of Chrono Cross. They were previously involved with the creation of Xenogears, from which the Xenosaga series is derived.

Monolith Soft's Tokyo Software Development Studio is usually associated with the Xeno series, the Baten Kaitos series and Disaster: Day of Crisis,[16] while its Kyoto Software Development Studio is currently a development co-operation studio.[citation needed]


Also, that's just assholish how he was teasing Ridley with no pay-off. Why would he do that if he really was just a stage hazard? That's hardly a reveal at all!

Seriously, why make a Veteran a returning character, too? This isn't denial, it's just... I guess it makes sense to Sakurai, but I don't think it was well thought out, or... good. I'm really gonna be upset about this all day now.

Green Mamba

Dec 31, 2008
Wow, leak was final, who would have guessed the idea that it wasn't was perpetuated only by people's rampant rage for more and nothing else.

Anyone disappointed by this deserves to be.


Sep 24, 2007
well, even if it is final as of now, the stupid grey bits and odd character placement make it obvious DLC is coming down the line


Neo Member
Jan 11, 2013
It says the real all star mode has been unlocked where you can fight all the fighters :(

Goodbye dreams.

well, even if it is final as of now, the stupid grey bits and odd character placement make it obvious DLC is coming down the line
It could have been 5 more characters, I guess it is a punishment for the leaks:(


Oct 16, 2012
Hello everyone. I'm new here. Just got my account verified today. Kind of wish I was around for the pre-release hype, but now the game's already here (for some people at least).

I am supremely happy that Ness is back. And that Magicant stage...oh my god, it made me shed a tear. It's looking like Lucas is indeed cut, which sucks, but hey we got Ness, right? I may be a bit biased though since I personally like Earthbound a bit better, although I do love Mother 3. Also, Ness is my main. As long as he's in, I'm happy. All I'm hoping for at this point is the Chorus Kids. That's literally all I'm asking for at this point.
Oh god not even NeoGAF's roster is safe from this clone character madness

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