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"Superdickery" leaps off the page & into Season 3 of 'Batman: The Brave & the Bold'.

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It's been discussed in the 'Brave & the Bold' thread, but this was so incredibly awesome that I felt it deserves special mention in its own thread. The third season of B&tB premiered this past Friday (3/25), with the episode titled "Battle of the Superheroes!"; in this episode, Batman visits Metropolis to team up with the Man of Steel, but when Superman is exposed to red kryptonite he becomes increasingly unstable forcing Batman to confront and take down his super friend. In other words, the creators used this simple plot and the series "retro" tone to reference a ton of crazy "Superman's a dick!" cover gags from the Silver Age, along with some more modern comics like "The Dark Knight Returns", resulting in one of the most hilarious episodes of the series -- or any DCAU production ever.

Below is a Youtube link to the episode, for however long that lasts; there are other places to find it as well.

Part 01 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2nZ83ziX1s

Part 02 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPbQOq2YlWM

Check out all of the fun comparisons below. Some of these I couldn't find a specific cover or image they were inspired by, so if you know it then post!

WARNING: I would advise against visiting the superdickery.com website, as last I had heard it had become infested with viruses. I don't know for sure if that's still the case, however, but won't risk trying for your benefit.









I couldn't find any specific cover that these were referencing, Superman's just being a dick...



Continued in next post...


Yup, this episode completely blew my mind. I really couldnt believe the fan service they were pulling off. This show is just too good.
Qwomo said:
Why is there a mouse droid on Jimmy Olsen's hospital bed?
Annoying promo for Clone Wars pops up at that exact moment, couldn't be helped. It actually does look like it's on his bed in that screencap, though. :D


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Spike Spiegel said:
Annoying promo for Clone Wars pops up at that exact moment, couldn't be helped. It actually does look like it's on his bed in that screencap, though. :D
haha aw man
Yeah, I admit that I didn't give this show much thought after DCAU. But after my friend showed me a few episodes, I realize now that it's actually pretty cool.


This series is very fun to watch. It just takes a couple of episodes to get use to the type of style/beat this series has.
I loved this episode. to find that it references so much more in a single episode, holy shit. I know this will be the final season, but if it's anything like this, it will go out with a bang.

and putting a cat in a tree? that's just terrible
More importantly for me, it was the sweetest love letter to the Silver Age ever.

The whole Superman is a dick meme is transitory but the Silver Age will have resonance forever. <3


Raxus said:
I feel bad for writing this show off after the horrendous The Batman.
I don't blame you. I did the same thing after watching The Batman. I forced myself to watch every episode of that turd series.

I saw a few episodes of Brave & the Bold a few months back and really liked it. It's great if you can appreciate the awesome camp it's going for.


Hah what a great episode, I love superdickery.

I read the forum goers thoughts on comicvine and none of them got the references :(


spindashing said:
Damn Shaggy and Scooby were kicking ass.

Oh god I lol'd at:

"Yeah Superman's turned into a real di-"

"-fferent person!"


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DrForester said:
Wait I thought Batman was the dick, Superman was just retarded...

No, the Superdickery meme has always been "SUPERMAN IS A DICK!"
The_Technomancer said:
"Our wrappings are covered in buttermilk...the one thing that repels pharaoh rays"

WTF? Ahahahaha.
Apparently it's a reference to the 1960s TV show, where they foiled some plot of King Tut's by drinking buttermilk.



If I'm not mistaken, this is a reference to the very first Batman BATB episode, when Blue Beetle tries to rescue that cat from the very same tree.
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