Survivor's Remorse - It's like a sports Entourage. Only, ya know, good - Sun on Starz

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Started this show today. I dunno how I missed this, I've never heard of it before today. Watched the first two episodes and I liked it a lot. It's kind of like the black entourage.
Cam and Alison have great chemistry. Really enjoying their scenes together these past two weeks.
Cam is too perfect, Alison even more so, that date was almost unbelievable.

One wierd thing about the show I cant get over, especially considering it's assoiciated with Lebron who's infamous for his locker room camaraderie, is that there's not one mention of Cam's teammates or coach...

Otherwise the show has been consistently funny. Better than Ballers for sure.


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The penultimate episode of the season airs tonight!


With Jupiter's draft status up in the air, Reggie has Missy tutor him, and it proves more difficult than she imagined. Cam and Allison's romance intensifies; and Reggie's business prospects expand.
Great season. Ending was a real bummer though. Reggie is probably my favorite character on the show. I feel like he really holds the whole thing together kind of like he does with the family often times. But Julius makes me laugh the most. He is so funny. Won't be the same without him (assuming he died).


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Looking forward to it. Wonder if Mike Epps will be back. His presence/humor would be hard to replace for me.
Notably absent from the teaser and the promotional image is Uncle Julius, the fan favorite Calloway patriarch played by Mike Epps. Last season ended on a cliffhanger that had Julius’s life in jeopardy, and his absence from this teaser seems to lend credence to the idea that he died after his car crash.
via Entertainment Weekly

So. :/


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Season 3 Official Trailer

The Hollywood Reporter said:
With BoJack Horseman on Friday and Survivor's Remorse on Sunday, this is a week of third season returns for little shows that probably don't get the attention they deserve, but warrant whatever time you might dedicate to catching up. It's especially easy to get up to speed on Survivor's Remorse, which aired only six episodes in its first season and 10 in its second. That's practically a mini-binge by today's standards and it's worth it for a show this smart and audacious.
Vulture said:
Whatever the reason for the lack of awareness of Survivor’s Remorse, know this: Now’s a good time to start paying attention. In its third season, which begins Sunday at 10 p.m. with back-to-back airings of the first two episodes, this immersion into the perks and problems of baller life is more sharply written, richly acted, and compelling than it’s ever been.
Really looking forward to the new season. One of the more underrated shows out there these days. The first two eps are up OnDemand on Comcast if anyone is looking to watch them early. I may check them out before bed.


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So that was a gut punch, but very well done. Perfectly hit the sad note while keeping in line with the comedic nature of the show, too.


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L+ SD Ratings:

Season 1:

Episode 1 - 203K
Episode 2 - 201K
Episode 3 - 186K
Episode 4 - 161K
Episode 5 - 237K
Episode 6 - 272K

Season 2:

Episode 1 - 334K
Episode 2 - 340K
Episode 3 - 393K
Episode 4 - 303K
Episode 5 - 329K
Episode 6 - 355K
Episode 7 - 387K
Episode 8 - 303K
Episode 9 - 235K
Episode 10 - 324K

Season 3:

Episodes 1&2 - 883K
Episode 3 - 1.01 million
Episode 4 - 672K
Episode 5 - 781K
Episode 6 - 936K
Episode 7 - 753K
Episode 8 - 951K
Episode 9 - 965K
Episode 10 - 761K

Season 4:

Episode 1 - 976K
Episode 2 - 571K
Episode 3 - 783K
Episode 4 - 388K
Episode 5 - 413K
Episode 6 - 378K
Episode 7 - 390K
Episode 8 - 279K
Episode 9 - 216K
Episode 10 - 226K


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I thought the double episode premiere was very solid. Nice to have the show back.

and omg @ the conversation about Uncle Julius' taxidermied corpse getting a boner. D:


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Fuck the Season 2 ending to Season 3 starter, got me mad sad

Uncle J was the best, enjoyed his shit
Always kept the family humble

Damn I'll miss him.

Enjoying the show, I think the show has hit its stride on how to keep shit balanced

Always the tone change works


Platinum Trophy: Learned to Shit While Upright Again.
Show is hitting its stride

That ending conference was awesome payback

Still miss Uncle J ;(
The cousin not knowing Seinfeld and that conversation that follows was hilarious

Love the moms verbal beat down at the restaurant


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New episode tonight!

No Child Left Behind

Cassie gets a DNA test to learn more about her ancestry, and meets a family who helps her experience newfound cultural traditions. Meanwhile, Reggie and Cam try ditch Uncle Julius' gun.
Been forgetting to post in here I guess! I really loved the plot with Missy getting the model replaced and the resulting discussions between Cam and Reggie and then Missy and Reggie at home from a few episodes back. That was a real highlight I thought. Been another good season overall so far.
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