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Switch on Youtube: Top 5 Game Videos by Country


Nintendo USA:
Mario - 14 mil
Zelda - 8.3 mil
Bowser Family Fun - 4.9 mil
MK 8 Deluxe - 4 mil
Sonic Mania - 3.4 mil
Splatoon 2 - 2.7 mil
Arms - 2.1 mil

Nintendo Japan:
Splatoon - 2.7 mil
Mario - 1.9 mil
Zelda - 1.5 mil
Bowser Family Fun - 1 mil
MK 8 Deluxe - 835k
Arms - 755k
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - 280k

Nintendo UK:
Zelda - 448k
Mario - 156k
MK 8 Deluxe - 136k
Splatoon 2 - 72k
Project Octopath - 47k

Nintendo DE:
Zelda - 181k
Mario - 39k
MK 8 Deluxe - 35k
BFF-Altersbeschränkungen - 30K
Splatoon - 17k
Switch 1 2 - 12k

Nintendo France:
Zelda - 157k
Mario - 66k
BFF - Contrôle parental - 43k
MK 8 Deluxe - 35k
Splatoon - 35k
Arms - 15k

Not thay anyone cares, but Nintendo Spain's view counts below. The numbers are higher than those of any other EU countries after the UK...

BFF - Control parental: 310k
Zelda: 225k
Super Mario Odyssey: 160k
Splatoon 2: 65k
Mario Kart: 64k
ARMS: 31k
Xenoblade Chronicles 2: 29k

I'm on Mobile so it's a bit cumbersome to post separate links, but if you want to check it out here's their channel: https://www.youtube.com/nintendoes

Google Trends:



In any case Zelda/Mario for the West and Splatoon splatting the competition in Japan.

Obviously "views + searches =/= sales" still it's interesting to track interest by country/region.

16.01.2017 updated views/google trends and added parental controls for Europe which were all uploaded

- Splatoon 2 is in the top 15 most watched videos in Nintendo Japan channel in less than a week
- Zelda and Mario both pass one million views in Japan.
- Nintendo added Parental Controls videos for Deutchland, France, Spain which also included in the list. UK also added one but it has like 5k views.
- New Trends data with both Japanese + US name of games searched.


Surprised that Mario Odyssey is getting more views than the latest Zelda Trailer. But the latest Zelda trailer has also 5x more comments and discussions than Mario's trailer. Still both have a huge amount of views and just in a weekend!


Mario trailer beating Zelda in the US (and really, a lot of other countries will view these versions) is surprising to me. I guess it's an announce vs. a game that's been shown a lot already.
I completely forgot about this but,

Splatoon sold 1.5million in Japan on a console known as the WiiU as a new IP. (The last game to achieve this in Japan was Wii Play)

Spla2oon is going to be launching on a handheld in Japan. I'm pretty confident in saying that this will most likely sell FAR FAR better in that territory. I'm thinking upwards of 2million.

Ray Down

Mario trailer beating Zelda in the US (and really, a lot of other countries will view these versions) is surprising to me. I guess it's an announce vs. a game that's been shown a lot already.

Mario is a more popular figure, so is it all that shocking?

Ray Down

Arms actually does have over a million views on YT, it's not too bad.

Funny to see how Splatoon 2 is the most viewed video over in Japan. Really interested to see how it will effect Switch sales when it comes out there.

Well they got really nothing to really help push the system till then, lol.


Not happy with the title, "language" instead of "country" would be more fitting, considering enough people don't watch videos in their native language.


I hope that Zelda sells gangbusters. It deserves it. And sends the right signal to Nintendo.

"We want more Zeldas with freedom of exploration."

Sou Da

That is just the parental controls video that Nintendo came out with starring Bowser and Bowser Jr. It is actually quite fun and cute I would suggest watching it.

I know, but the public's interest in it is a clear sign that Bowser and Son needs to be a game.
Not really surprising that Sonic Mania has so many views here. Sonic holds a lot of appeal to the Nintendo crowd.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the 3DS version of Sonic Generations actually sell more than the HD twins? Heard something about that.
In regards to Mario vs Zelda. You have to keep in mind that this is the first real trailer for Mario where as Zelda has had a few trailers already. ARMS is also doing well too and I'm glad, that games seems like the biggest surprise from this event.

Also those Sonic views are surprising, but it is Sonic on Nintendo. Just makes sense.
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