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Taco Bell latest test: crispy-fried chicken pieces as tortilla chips w/ lava sauce

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I wish I had a Taco Bell and a Whataburger near me.

Taco Bell is at least only 20 miles away. Whataburger? 130 miles away because one of them closed...and that was 60 miles.

In-and-Out doesn't exist here.

It sucks, man. And then all the small specialty shops and restaurants are garbage.


Bloodborne is shit
stop fucking around you dumb @#$%@, you know damn well nobody wants fried chicken wedges which is exactly the reason you're pairing them with lava sauce. Cut the shit, bring back the volcano menu and stop wasting our fucking time with the rest of this crap.

Lava Sauce, nation wide, no more outages, cut the shit


Dear Taco Bell:

Stop being DICKS and just bring back the whole Volcano menu as standard permanent items.

And the legendary Spicy Chicken Burrito. And Mexi-Nuggets.

Most of the rest of your gimmicks are crap.

I mean, those already look like Doritos....can you just put the dust on them NOW and save us having to wait for the inevitable?
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