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Taco Bell testing Forbidden Bowl, Forbidden Burrito w/ black rice & "Forbidden Sauce"


BioWare Austin
Torchy's has deep fried avocado on some of their tacos and that shit is delicious.



Is Taco Bell food really that bad that it makes you shit your pants?
Or does GAF have weak ass intestines?
Went for lunch,and I was actually surprised how good it was. Very flavorful. I was initially bummed that I was gonna get the Forbidden Burrito instead of the boxed meals because I've been trying to win a Xbox one X...but guess what?! They have a Forbidden Burrito box! It comes with a Doritos loco taco and a regular taco inside the Xbox One X contest box. 🙌🏽
I can totally see this box meal as my go to if they decide to add it to the menu.
Deep fried avocado is super delicious.

The Cheesecake Factory has this app with fried mushrooms, zucchini, and avocado cut up to be like fries. SO SO GOOD.
Taco Bell is up there with the worst of the worst of fast food joints and an abomination of Mexican food.

I had no idea black rice existed though, and it seems healthier than it's both brown and white rice counterparts.

Curious to try.
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