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Taco Bell's latest experiment uses a fried egg for a taco shell (now out nationwide)

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prettymuch just a fat crepe with no flour in it

haha who am i kidding this is some wacky shit taco bell, but i respect it
This isn't really weird. How is this different than an omelet wrap?

Well, I mean, for starters that picture shows some taco shells so if anything that's more like the Dressed version

Secondly, Taco Bell


Seems like they wanted to make a low carb option but then they were like well fuck it we don't have anything else to stuff this with...potatoes
so an omelet?

or did they do some fucked up shit to the egg to mimic the texture of a shell, in which case the end is nigh

and why is modbot just casually posting



IIRC everyone was hating on the Naked Chicken Chalupa...and then it turned out amazing. Taco Bell will always get the benefit of the doubt from me


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Interesting, one of the Taco Bell's in Flint was my go to for late night food during college. I'd think a crunchwrap-like omelette would be a better fit.

Best case scenario, we get a munch squad segment out of it.
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