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Tales of Arise shipments and digital sales top one million


Party Gooper
Its better than that.



Pretty cool. I still preferred Bersaria and Vesperia (And Hearts R and Legendia), but they added some interesting stuff for advancing the series, and visually it was the best by a large margin. That's probably enough product moved to guarantee the next entry, which is all I care about. For better or worse, Tales is one of the few JRPG series that hasn't become a bastardized version of what it started out as.

SF Kosmo

...please disperse...
Glad to see the series back on top commercially, though creatively not my favorite game in the series. I liked how it looked, but I wish the writing was better and we could get some more creative dungeons.


Was waiting to play this on Ps5 but since that's probably not happening any time soon I'll probably pick it up on the next Steam sale.
The demo runs surprisingly well on my 1050ti laptop
Always happy to see a JRPG sell big numbers. How fitting that the "JRPG are dead" meme is dead right now. I might pick this one later this year unless God of War Ragnarok or Granblue Fantasy comes out.
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