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Tango Gameworks’ ‘Hi-Fi Rush’ will reportedly be revealed soon


So Bethesda/zenimax Xbox era is starting soon

Organize Black Cat GIF by Industrial Workers of the World

I'll have my fainting couch ready for this upcoming showcase, not sure me little heart can take much more.
Supposedly going for Jet Set Radio style visuals.

Tango has experience with gunplay with Evil Within, Ghostwire. And Mikami made PN03 and Vanquish. We'll see.

Their gameplay was pretty good in EW2.

But this seems to be GAAS style project, would be hard to get it off the ground.

Hopefully it's smaller SP shooter with sci fi elements or something.


Kind of like Jet Set Radio meets Outlaw Star.

Just realized they shadow dropped the game today. Available on Gamepass too.
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