Tank! Tank! Tank! goes free-to-play on Wii U in Europe


Tank! Tank! Tank! goes free to play on Wii U (in Europe)

has made good on its promise to broaden its digital software offer by making Namco Bandai’s Tank! Tank! Tank! Free to play.

The game has failed to perform commercially, not least because of the critical mauling that saw it win a Metacritic average of just 45 per cent.

Gamers are now able to download a free ‘basic’ pack that includes three games modes – Monster Battle, Free-For-All and Team Versus. Players will be limited to three sessions of each mode for free every day.

Players can then, if they choose, pay an addition fee on up to ten pieces of DLC that will offer extra levels and modes. Purchasing any of these will also remove the gameplay restrictions.

For the time being these cost only £1.59 per pack, although the price will at some stage increase to £7.99.

It’s a significant move and one that could leave those who paid full RRP for the game last year a little miffed.
source: press release

The title has been free-to-play in Japan since Christmas.
Jul 26, 2006
Good move. They should've released it like this from the very beginning.

Too bad the game lacks online modes, otherwise it could be quite a lot of fun.
Nov 13, 2006
No no no, go back to charge $60 for it. That was a great idea.
It was only $50 and seeing as I've played it for about 15 hours and still haven't won it, it's got more game than a lot of commercial releases. It's just not obvious because none of the reviewers bothered to play past level 10 due to being oh-so-offended that they needed to earn medals by replaying previous levels.

It's a simple game, but it's a fun little co-op game. It's kind of like a shorter, simpler Dynasty Warriors.