Target doesn't know what a Wii U looks like

Honestly, I have no idea what a Wii U looks like either.

They put all their design into the pad and forgot to make the console itself stand out.
To be fair to Target on this one, I never found the Wii U to look all that different from that Wii design, aside from more rounded edges and other things.
Wow. That's sad. That really tells you how freaking badly Nintendo has advertised it right there when even the people selling it don't realize that's not a WII U.
Not going to lie, I own one and couldn't tell that there was something wrong in that picture. The gamepad is the thing that stands out in my mind.
That speaks for it self, Nintendo failed with the marketing of the Wii U starting by the name. I love my Wii U btw I think it has lots of potential.
This continues to be a big mess. Funny considering they actually had to take a pad from a Wii U console and a regular wii to take this picutre.
There's a reason why you don't make your console look almost exactly the same as your last one only a little bit longer. Rounding out the edges isn't enough to distinguish it from the Wii.
isn't it easier to type Wii U on Google and copy paste the right image than making this shitty montage?
Or does this picture is one of the first Google image results?

It's sad that these things can happen though... the Wii U brand is really fucked up :(
There's barely any difference between the two consoles outside of one having a U after Wii.

Nintendo fucked up horribly at designing and naming the console.

Doc Holliday

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How the hell did nintendo not see this coming after the 3ds confusion early on is beyond me. Thats reason enough to fire anyone involved with naming and marketing this system.