Taylor Swift: Reputation

I quite like Ready for it. Or, at the very least the parts where the beat falls away. I feel the same way about LWYMMD. The heavy beat is supposed to be cool, edgy, but it's actually the melodic parts (pre-chorus in LWYMMD and I guess the chorus in Ready for it) that are the best parts.

Both songs are right up my alley when it comes to genre: heavy beats pop/dance with a female voice. So I'm here for Swifts new album.

But I'll go ahead and say that the songs are not as good as their success will suggest. :p
I feel the exact same way, tbh.

Still, comparing to 1989, these bunch of songs don't seem as "complex" and layered.
I hated "Gorgeous" at first but now I like it. I still think it's below her potential but oh well.

Also lol @ this song being about cheating on Calvin with Loki. I like this theme of embracing your shit side. Very Yeezus of her.

Another hit. Stunned at the consistent quality, this might already be the best era yet
lmao not when RED and 1989 exist.
This album is great. Not Red level great, but it's amazing nonetheless - her third best effort. End Game sounds like a future #1 smash.

I don't get why certain people dislike her - she's genuinely talented as a songwriter and lyricist, and her music is harmless. I guess her celeb scandals are why. My 2 cents: there's a reason she has two Album of the Year Grammys and Kanye has none, + outsold him several times over.
I bought the new album and am on my 3rd or 4th listen through it. Immediate stand-out songs for me are Ready for It (<-- I cant get this one out of my head!) Gorgeous, This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things (<-- this one makes me LOL) and New Year's Day.

I don't think, as an album, that it is as immediately accessible as 1989 but I also think there's more going on here in terms of complexity. Bottom line is, I want to keep listening to it and I'm enjoying the process of digging in and getting to know it.
I love the theory that all of the songs within the track list ellipses are a set, and the songs that follow are a second set. Reputation vs Personal or whatever.

And assuming that that's true, she doesn't exactly paint herself in a good light in the personal songs.