Taylor Swift: Reputation

Eh, never liked any of her songs but before this year I could have said the same about Selena Gomez and that's since changed. Hope the title tracks are good.

Her response at the Grammy's was directed to young women about not letting other people undercut your hard work and taking credit for your "fame". Once Kim released the video of the phone call showing that Taylor was all aboard that concept of the song it all became about the word "bitch", which was the only word she could go to at the point due to not being mentioned in the call. Considering the context of the word in the song, along with Taylor being a big hip hop fan who has recorded with other artists who also use that word often in the same context. It really came across as phony and playing the victim. She pivoted.

Edit: just wanted to note that I'm not defending the use of the word "bitch" as a term of endearment in hip hop.
Also doesn't help this was followed up (or just preceded by?) by her whole (admittedly, accidentally) taking an artist's artwork and never really rectifying the situation thing. Really wouldn't have been hard if this was her stance to help rectify the matter and offer the original artist a bit more support.
Mau ®;246816554 said:
Taylor only changed her story to "he never told me about the bitch line" until she was exposed. Before that it was "I didn't know of the song's existence and I made my OWN fame"

You gonna tell me she was ok with Kanye hinting he could still have sex with her or saying he made her famous? But you gonna draw the line at being called a bitch? lol

Her whole behavior during the Calvin split and the forced Hiddleston PR relationship was off putting as well. She did well to not release an album that year.

Tay is a snake and she should own it and not play victim to the media's portrayal of her, a portrayal she cultivated anyway.
What a load of horseshit.

For someone so edgy you sure did buy into what the Daily Mail was putting down.
Huh? She's doing the most cliche model pose, it's quite boring if anything
Not so much her pose or anything, but just the actual art design. The first thing that came to mind when I saw it was Nas' album covers (the font, the photo of her face). The text on the right looks like something I could see Kanye doing.
you know what

gimme pure RNB, that late 90's- early 2000's sound and ill buy ten copies

maybe throw some legends of there too

spread your wings Taylor!
You know damn well Taylor doesn't have the voice for that. Best to cop Jessie Ware's new album when that comes out considering how good Midnight is, it's definitely that RnB sound i think you'll like.