Team Ninja: We went "hands-on" to get breast physics right in DOA5

Sep 28, 2010
In an exclusive interview with PSU, Team Ninja producer Yosuke Hayashi said the development team went "hands-on" with partners and other members of the Japanese studio in order to get the breast physics right for its upcoming brawler Dead Or Alive 5. That’s right; the team put an awful lot of attention on that specific “feature” of the game.

In DOA5, female breasts jiggle and bounce realistically depending in what costume they're wearing. Responding to a question: "what would you say to those people who think that the bikini-clad babes in DOA5 are sexist," Hayashi said that all the team wanted to do was create "the cutest chicks in videogames," and he feels DOA5 achieves that.

DOA5 features an impressive looking roster of female characters, but Team Ninja insists that it's the gameplay that will take centre stage when the game launches in September. DOA5 will be going head-to-head against Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which is also due for release around the same time.

Team Ninja doesn't appear to be too worried though. "DOA5 is a fighting game for this generation," said Hayashi. "Our game engine is built from scratch.”



sparkle this bitch
Oct 9, 2007
Have it admit that its pretty funny.

Tekken Tag 2 gets a new thread talking about soundtrack imports and their own BGM.

DOA5 gets a new thread talking about breasts... again.
Nov 30, 2009
By hands on with partners and other members of the studio, I assume they meant they traveled in twos and threes to the local novelty shop to giggle as they touched fake boobs. "Yeah," they thought, "this is just what cute chicks have." Then, embarrassed, they went to the washroom to clean up their pants.
Apr 15, 2012
I have alot of respect for hayashi. That is some extreme dedication to his craft. But isn't he part of the ninja gaiden team? I thought DOA and Ninja Gaiden were handled by two different teams?
Sep 16, 2008
I should find this so gross and skeezy but for some reason Team Ninja going the extra mile in breast physics to the point that its all they'll talk about when Famitsu asks them what they think the future of gaming is puts a smile on my face